Major League Baseball and Colorado Rockies need to improve their online ticketing

I just want to say that Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies need to improve thier online ticketing.
The ticketing process is timing out so I am unable to purchase tickets.  I want to give them money, but their processes are preventing that from happening.

What is happening is that I am choosing tickets, but I don’t like where they put me. So I release the tickets and try again. When I try to get back in, the site times out. I can’t get tickets.

This happened to me yesterday. I was trying to get tickets and I ended up having to go to the game and wait 45 minutes in line to get tickets.

It is quite frustrating and I wish they would improve it so this stops happening.

Matt Vasgersian is classless on MLB Network

I just want to say that Matt Vasgersian is a classless reporter/anchor on the MLB Network.
Tonight Brad Hawpe was beaned on a pick-off throw in the neck below the helmet. He had to be taken off on a cart with his neck immobilized. It is a serious situation.

Vasgersian was making jokes about one of the paramedics looking like a Donovan McNabb. Classless and just plain wrong. Even the color analysts thought it was pretty stupid.

An injured player is nothing to joke about, even people who are trying to help the injured player.

Vasgerisan should clean up his act, be a professional, and apolgize for his stupidity.

Baseball is back!

I just want to make a quick post and highlight that baseball is back and I am looking forward to another season.
You know spring is around the corner when spring training games start. Catchers and pitchers reporting is great, but it is even better when the games start.

I am looking forward to another season of the Colorado Rockies. It doesn’t matter where we think they will finish or how upset we are about off-season trades or acquisitions.

Every team starts out fresh and tied on opening day. Here is to another season of baseball and Go Rockies!

I am disappointed in the Colorado Rockies…

I just want to say that I am disappointed in the management of the Colorado Rockies.  They failed to show committment to winning to their players and most importantly their fans.
Why? Who knows, we may never know.

The reason? Because they failed to sign Matt Holliday to a long-term deal and traded him away to the Oakland Athletics.

Matt Holliday is a big-time, major league player whose type only comes along every once in a while.  They should have made every effort to sign him.

The Rockies did get three players in return from the Athletics. One is a left-handed starting pitcher who struggled last year, but in looking at the offense of the A’s, it is no wonder he struggled.  The second is a reliever who struggled last year and may be on the downward trend.  And third is a prospect who may develop into a great player, but who has struggled at the major league.

Matt Holliday is gone and I wish him well.  But the Rockies management is to blame and should be held accountable.

The fans came out and showed support that was unrivaled except for the first couple of years.  The Rockies management had a chance to show their fans they were committed to winning, but they just blew them off.

We’ll see next summer how it pays off.  I hope it is good, but I am doubtful.

Tickets, None for me

Well I have been trying for over two hours and I am lost in an endless loop and no World Series tickets.  This system is not working.
I would like to know who is getting tickets.  I never get to the server.  People are getting tickets and then trying again and getting tickets again.  Why can’t I connect to the server?

It keeps trying after 120 seconds and then tries again.  I never get to the server.  I feel like I have wasted my time and just extremely upset with MLB and whatever, so-called ticket company is doing this sale.

I should have been able to connect to the server once in two hours.  According to the Rocky Mountain News, about 55,000 tickets were sold by 2 pm.

Rockies – Tickets are selling

Well according to a press conference the Rockies just had, the World Series tickets are selling, just slowly.
It would be interesting to hear of people who are actually getting tickets, because I am not seeing anyone who has actually got tickets say they have tickets.

Well, I will keep checking and let me know what you are experiencing during this mad and slow dash to find World Series Tickets.

World Series Tickets – Round 2 (Failure Again)

Well round 2 is underway and it is not going much better. In looking at comments on the Denver Post website, people are unable to get through. Those that do get through, kicked when they are trying to purchase tickets.
It is a system that is totally inept and failing. The people that are to blame for this is Major League Baseball. They are the ones who took this sale over from the Rockies and are using a system that does not work.

Heads should roll at MLB and Paciolan Inc.

I was in favor of trying to do online only for tickets.  Now I am thinking that this should have been done in a different matter.  I keep getting the endless countdown loop and every so often it freezes.  It is worthless for me to keep trying and I am not holding out hope that I will get tickets.