Matt Vasgersian is classless on MLB Network

I just want to say that Matt Vasgersian is a classless reporter/anchor on the MLB Network.
Tonight Brad Hawpe was beaned on a pick-off throw in the neck below the helmet. He had to be taken off on a cart with his neck immobilized. It is a serious situation.

Vasgersian was making jokes about one of the paramedics looking like a Donovan McNabb. Classless and just plain wrong. Even the color analysts thought it was pretty stupid.

An injured player is nothing to joke about, even people who are trying to help the injured player.

Vasgerisan should clean up his act, be a professional, and apolgize for his stupidity.

2 Replies to “Matt Vasgersian is classless on MLB Network”

  1. If there is such a thing as wanting to take back words as soon as they come out of your mouth I experienced that tonight. In my efforts to fill some dead time I picked the absolutely wrong occassion for levity and regretted it immediately. Sometimes in live tv you make bad decisions and I cetainly made one tonight
    None of what was said was in any way meant to trivialize the injury sustained by Brad Hawpe – the whole exchange was inappropriate and I do apologize for that –
    By the way – you have a cool blog.


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