Driving through the plains

A couple of weeks ago I went for drive in the eastern plains. I started out in Greeley through Brush and Byers back home. I just needed to get out during this new normal.

Colorado mom angry at United Airlines after infant overheats

I am just amazed that United allowed this to escalate to the level where it did. In hot weather they are usually pushing cold air through the plane while at the gate and tarmac. I am surprised it was not cooler. 

But when they realized it was that hot, that they did not do something for the child or the other passengers. It is just not acceptable. 

Walking Washignton, DC. Thanks Metro!

Last week I was in Washington, D.C., and ran into a conundrum. The Metro was closed for safety inspections and I had planned on using it to get back and forth between my hotel and office where I was working.

For those of you who don’t know, the Metro is the subway in the D.C area. Unfortunately it is aging and they haven’t done a good job of keeping up with all of the maintenance. 

i was able to get a ride to the office, but how to get home? 

it was a beautiful day so I decided to walk. It was only 4.5 miles and took me by the Washington Mounument, World War II Memorial, Tidal Basin, Martin Luther King Memorial, FDR Memorial and Jefferson Memorial.

Here are some photos of my adventure. 

World War II Memorial looking west towards Lincoln Memorial. 
World War II Memorial looking west towards Lincoln Memorial. 

Washington Memorial
Washington Memorial

Dedication spot looking through the cherry trees towards the Jefferson Memorial. 
Dedication spot looking through the cherry trees towards the Jefferson Memorial. 

Martin Luther King Memorial. 
Martin Luther King Memorial. 

FDR Memorial
FDR Memorial

My favorite photo, looking across the tidal basin towards the Jefferson Memorial. 
My favorite photo, looking across the tidal basin towards the Jefferson Memorial. 

Crossing the 14th Street bridge towards Virginia. You can see the Air Force Memorial in the background. 
Crossing the 14th Street bridge towards Virginia. You can see the Air Force Memorial in the background. 

Looking back at Washington, DC
Looking back at Washington, DC

Planes taking off at Ronald Reagan National Airport
Planes taking off at Ronald Reagan National Airport

All-in-all it was a good walk and a good way to spend an early evening in the Washington, D.C., area. 

Somif you are in Washington, D.C., to see the cherry blossoms this week or next, coming in to see other sites, or just there on business. It is a great walking city. Take some time to enjoy it. 

Steak ‘n Shake is not that great

I’m headed back to Colorado and needed a quick break for lunch. I just needed a break from driving and get lunch for me and the kids.  

Well the Steak n Shake at 1134 W Pearce Blv in Wentzville, Missouri, has not been the place so far. 

I-70 and Wentzville Parkway
I-70 and Wentzville Parkway

Despite having many tables and booths available, it took ten minutes to get seated. Then another ten minutes until someone came and took our order. 

I guess the two star rating on Google should have been my clue.  

It took about 20-25 minutes to get out food once we ordered. That is a little long for three hamburgers, oh wait they are Steak burgers, and three milkshakes to be made and served. 

Oh, they even forgot to put bacon on double, bacon cheeseburger.  

In total, about 45 minutes from walking in to being served. Not good. 

In-n-Out and Five Guys are a lot better. Definitely they are both a lot faster. In total about an hour.  

TSA does not equal customer service

As a person who works for the federal government I have always worked to ensure the public and customers if the agencies I worked for got my best service. 

I guess the TSA doesn’t care. As a taxpayer and a person who travels we are paying them to ensure we are secure on airplanes. We also should expect to get through security with the least amount of inconvenience. 

But it that is not what’s happening at Denver International Airport. 

I usually take the bridge to Concourse A. It more convenient than the other security checkpoints and always much faster. 

But on a busy Saturday evening travel night they closed the bridge at 5:45 pm. 

Look at the people waiting to get through security.  

There is no excuse for an entity to treat taxpayers and travelers who pay for this service to be treated this way. 

Oh, more than half the people on the train got off at the A concourse. This shows that the traffic justified keeping it open. 

The A concourse was designed for a majority of the people go over the bridge, not use the train. It is something that should be looked at.

I know people complain about the TSA all the time, but something needs to be done on how they serve travelers. There is a way they can secure flights while ensuring people aren’t inconvenienced. 



Why are people jerks on the road?

I’m just wondering why people are jerks in the road? Why can’t they be nicer to the people in vehicles around them?

Tonight I was in my way home on I25 and was trying to merge from the HOV lane to the main Interstate. I saw an opening and started to merge in and the person driving behind that vehicle sped up and cut me off. He wouldn’t let me merge. 

That is just crazy. Everyone is in the same situation. Let a person merge and move on. It’s not worth the frustration.  

Every once in a while I encounter a person like this but it’s not the norm.  

When I’m at a sporting event and we are trying to get out of the parking lot, most are cooperative and when lanes of traffic merge everyone alternates. That is the way it should be. 

Everyone should be respectful on the road. It will make those stressful drives that much better. 


What is up with Frontier Airlines?

I just want to know what is up with Frontier Airlines?
They have been going downhill for awhile and they are losing a customer whom was quite loyal to them, me.

I’m an Ascent member on Frontier and would fly them for work and personal trips. I would work my schedule around flying them. The staff was friendly and helpful, the service was on time and the flights were entertaining, especially with TV on the flights.

But as soon as they were bought by Republic and the corporate headquarters moved out of Denver the service has declined, they stopped flying to key airports, have chosen to fly to locations that are quite perplexing, and stopped treating their frequent flyers well. They are no longer the home town airline.

One of the moves that perplexed me the most was stopping to fly to Sacramento, Calif. This was a popular destination for Frontier, flights were full, and they had better service than United and Southwest.

Frontier survived the construction of a new terminal there and once moved enjoyed a nice location and there were more amenities for its passengers. But one day, no more flights. That means flying to San Francisco. Not convenient.

Now services are being cut back. Just announced today that free TV for its Ascent and Summit members was gone. As a frequent flyer on Frontier, this was a real nice perk. It gave Frontier the edge. Not any more.

The service has declined tremendously. Back in February they announced they they would be outsourcing about 700 jobs at stations outside of Denver.

This was quite evident when my brother took my children for their unaccompanied flight back to Denver at SFO. The staff had no clue what they were doing and even failed to charge us $50 for the escort back to Denver.

Even in Denver their service is failing. My wife went to get the kids and the agent gave her the wrong persons pass to go to the gate. She got to security and was forced to go all the way back to the counter. She almost was late picking up the kids.

Frontier is in some serious trouble. From flying to locations such as Wilmington and Trenton to their customer service. They are losing me as a customer and I’m quite upset by it.

Good luck. I hope you survive, but it’s not looking to good.

Not happy with Frontier Airlines Right Now because of Late flight

Well we finally got our crew member but have been sitting on the plane for an hour and will be taking off 2 hours late because Frontier Airlines can’t effectively manage crew schedules when they have the slightest bit of adversity.
I know there was a big snowstorm in Denver today, but you adjust crew schedules to get your customers to where they are supposed to on time or close to it.

We shouldn’t be forced to sit on a plane for 90 minutes waiting for a crew member to arrive.

Disappointed Frontier Airlines is dropping service to Sacramento

I extremely disappointed that Frontier Airlines is dropping service to Sacramento. It is the best airline to fly into Northern California and not fly into the Bay Area.
I’m not sure who is making the decisions at Frontier but this was a poor one.

For the last two years they have been jerking things around. Flying the Embraer instead of the Airbus, changing the times so they aren’t convenient and then cutting the flights.

However, people still flew them. The flights I, my family and friends would take to Sacramento would be full, if not oversold.

It seems that Frontier was doing something to cook the books to make this route not profitable.

I hope the reconsider and bring back the flights but I doubt that will happen. I’ll have to see if we still fly them to northern California now into San Francisco or see if I need to fly another airline.

Not happy Frontier!