Youth sports are a mixed bag during the pandemic

It’s been a mixed bag during the pandemic for youth sports. Kids need to move and have exercise but for good reason youth sports were shut down this spring to protect them and the community from COVID-19.

However as adults, it’s been a mixed bag across the spectrum. Some haven’t been doing their job to ensure the safety of the kids during this crazy time.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel took a look at it in ‘I just want to play’: $19 billion youth sports industry powers ahead through the pandemic largely unregulated. For the most part, I have seen most of what they have described. But what they have described mirrors society and is not specific to youth sports.

I’ve been proud of what the youth soccer clubs have been doing in Colorado to ensure the safety. The proper protocols have been put in place and for the most part families have been following them to ensure safety and that the kids can continue to play.

However that can not be said for other sports. I have seen baseball teams practicing on fields that are closed by the local county and no one wearing masks when not playing. Coaches should be wearing masks the entire time.

Teams have been traveling out of Colorado to play in tournaments because they could not happen here. This only increases the danger and spread of the disease. This is not good if we want to keep our kids playing.

As parents and responsible adults we need to set the positive example for our kids. Follow the guidelines and the rules and not only will we keep the kids playing but we will eventually kick this pandemic so we can get back to as near to what normal was as possible.

The referees made some serious errors on Saturday night in Colorado v Real Salt Lake match

There were several errors in the Colorado Rapids and the Real Salt Lake match. Unfortunatley they all went against the Rapids and all happened to involve Video Assistance Referee decisions.

Video Assistance Review, also known as VAR, in Major League Soccer was supposed to get ride of the controversy surrounding the calls. However, the way it was implemented has not worked out that way with referees going to look at video reviews too often.

The perfect example of it was last week when Ted Unkel used VAR to overturn a goal when he got in the way of a player saying their was a foul when there wasn’t. That play should never have gone to VAR, even the referee organization said so.

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SEC commissioner Greg Sankey says UCF Knights should fix strength of schedule issue

I doubt many in the Big 5 will schedule UCF. All of the other divisions in college football have figured out a national championship. The FBS schools can too.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said that instead of blaming others, UCF should fix what is keeping the Knights out of the College Football Playoff by addressing the strength-of-schedule issue.
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How can people still support the Oakland Raiders when they have abandoned the city twice?

I really want to know why people are still going to games in Oakland to watch the Oakland Raiders play? Seriously!

Not only have they announced they are moving, they have basically said they don’t care about the city or the people who live there. They are moving away from Oakland a second time.

For those of you who may be unaware, the Oakland Raiders have announced that they are leaving for Las Vegas who gave them a sweet deal on a new stadium. This is even when the Raiders could not fill the stadium they are currently playing in. It will probably end up like the home stadium the Los Angeles Chargers are playing in, being dominated by the visiting fans and not the home team.

The Oakland Raiders first left Oakland in 1982, defying the National Football League, abandoning their fans. Up until this point, I was a die-hard Raiders fan. I would go to the games with my grandfather, who had season tickets. I would emulate the players in the backyard. I had all the gear. I even had the pleasure of attending the 1976 AFC Championship game between the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers. What a game and experience.

After that, I was done with the Raiders and the rest of my family. The Raiders even had the gall to call my grandfather when they were moving back to Oakland in 1995 and he told them where to put the tickets. After the abandoned us that first time, I was done with the Raiders.

It was once a great franchise, but it was run into the ground by the Davis family who has no loyalty to anyone. If you believe they do, then you are mistaken.

They are now leaving Oakland for a second time and I think their fans need to ask themselves, why in the hell to I still root for a team that gives a crap about me.

If you are a fan of the Raiders, please let me know why you support a team that does not care about you.