It’s hard to believe Sporting KC played here

I was going thorough Kansas City again. It’s hard to believe Sporting Kansas City played in this small stadium. It is home to the Kansas City T- bones, an independent baseball team. It’s quite small.    

A great hockey game almost ruined by officials, DU defeats UMD 4-3


The NCHC playoff game between the University of Denver and University of Minnesota Duluth was an amazing game. However it was almost ruined by the referees. I would guess UMD fans would say it was.  The NCHC is a great league, the level of officiating should be at the same level.

NHL Game Scoring is weird

I just don’t get the NHL game scoring that determines the standings. You get two points for a win in regulation. But if game goes to overtime, each team gets a point and the winner then gets another point. This makes it a three point game. Why not make every game a three point game….

What a crazy day in college football

Today was a weird but fun day in college football. Alabama showed that it was the best team in the Nation with a huge win over Arkansas. The Football Championship Series and lower conference teams show they can play with the big boys with Western Kentucky beating Kentucky, Utah State should have beat Wisconsin, and…