Iverson a Nugget

I don’t know if this is the best thing in the long-run, but in the short-term it will help.  This is because the top scorer in the league is sitting for 15 games because the NBA doesn’t want to punish the Knicks for starting the whole mess.
See the Rocky Mountain News Story.

The big issue will be in when Carmelo Anthony comes back in mid-January and the two top scorers in the league are on the court at the same time.

Also how will AI and George Karl get along?  Karl has done well and also struggled with high profile/troublesome players.  Maybe he will call his friend Larry Brown and get some advice?

Also, how will AI fit into the Denver Community?  The Nuggets are heavily involved in community fundraising and events.  AI will need to participate and show compassion for the community and they will except him.  Otherwise it will be tough for him to be accepted.  All of the stars in Denver Sports history have done tremendous community work and he will too.
But this is a tremendous step up for the Nuggets and makes them a legitimate contender for the title.

I think that this blogger has captured it pretty well, Iverson traded to the Nuggets.
Go Nuggets!

Don’t Trust Dennis Erickson!

What Dennis Erickson did to the University of Idaho is just plain wrong.  Sure, coaches change jobs and move onto greener pastures.  But this one was just plain wrong.
The school that rescued him from having permanent sofa but after he was fired by the San Francisco 49ers and he promised and he told them that he would take him to the next level, be there for 5 years, maybe longer and only leave when he retired.  But after 10 months, he leaves for Arizona State.  A wanna-be Pac-10 school that will never compete with the elite.

He can’t be trusted, especially when ASU talks to him about the job before even seeking permission.  I think Love (the ASU AD) and Erickson will go hand-in-hand into the sunset within a couple years, both a failure at ASU.

How are recruits going to trust him after he lied to the players at Idaho, especially the captain of the team.  He told the Captain at Idaho that he hadn’t decided if was going to accept the offer when he had already decided that he was going to.  As soon as he spoke with the Captain, in walked the Idaho AD and Erickson told him he was taking the job.

Jim Moore of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer had a pretty good column today, “Counterpoint: Erickson violates Idaho’s trust“.  It captures the sentiment and why Dennis Erickson can’t be trusted anymore.