Denver is going to miss Al Wilson

Al Wilson was released today by the Denver Broncos, a casualty of the salary cap in football.
Wilson has been a leader, almost another coach on the field, and has inspired his fellow players since he joined the team. He has always given it his all and you can’t ask any more than that.

Al, we are going to miss you. Good Luck!

Joe Sakic Returns

Joe Sakic has signed a new contract with the Colorado Avalanche for the 2007-2008 season. This is a good thing.

Sakic is a good person and a great hockey player. He is the team leader and he stepped up during the final run this year, causing other players to step up with him.

He will be making $6.75 million next year, or $1 million more than he made last year. Anyone who gets 100 points in one season deserves a raise.

With this taken care of, it will be interesting to see what happens with Theodore and other free agents that they may bring in.


Read more about Sakic’s new contract.

Colorado Avalanche Fall Just Short

Well the impossible run for a playoff berth fell just short last night as the Avalanche fell 4-2 to the Nashville Predators.
If they would have pulled off the victory, it would have set up a wonderful match-up this evening as the Flames fell to the Oilers, 3-2. I am just wondering that since the Avs during the second period if the Flames let up a bit.

It was a great run and they did not give up at all during the last month of the season. I think that Avs are building for the future and have an opportunity to add a few players this off-season to be ready for a wonderful season next year.

I don’t know who I am going to root for in the playoffs, but right now I am leaning towards the Predators. They are a fine team built for a great playoff run.

What is with MLB.TV

Why do I get commercials when I have subscribed to MLB.TV Premium?
This is crazy.  I subscribe to a service and they are throwing commercials at me.  Not just when I login to watch the games, but whenever I switch between games, I get the commercial.

I am sure tired of watching some guy and deer fight.

This is stupid.  When I get pay-per-view, On Demand, or other premium service I never get ads.

Major League Baseball needs to get out of the NFL attitude of bilking the people who pay their bills and they only reason these games exist, their fans.

Get a clue and when I pay for something, I should not and must not be subjected to ads.

Avs Playoff Hopes Still Alive

The Colorado Avalanche took care of business this evening with a wonderful victory over the Vancouver Canucks riding Milan Hejduk’s hat trick to a 3-1 victory.
They then headed to the locker room and nervously watched the San Jose Sharks hold off the Calgary Flames 4-3.

This keeps their slim playoff hopes alive. With two games remaining for each team, the Avs now trail the Flames by 3 points.

The Avs next need to take care of business against Peter Forsberg and the Nashville Predators on Saturday, while the Flames host Edmonton with a game against their arch rival Oilers.

Lets hope that Sundays game versus the Flames means something and the Avs prevail sending the Flames to early tee times.

Go Avs!

New Rapids Stadium Looks Sweet

Well the new Colorado Rapids soccer stadium looks real nice and it is going to help the team the metro Denver region in the eyes of the worlds soccer elite. The Denver Post had a wonderful article and spread in todays edition.
But there is one problem in how the fans are going to experience the game. They are going to allow tailgating, but they are not going to allow alcohol in the parking lots. What is with this? Wanting to get people into the spirit of the games but not allowing alcohol.

Give me a break. Even though you don’t need alcohol to have fun, alcohol is part of tailgating.

If Colorado wants to be taken seriously, Commerce City will get with it and allow alcohol in the parking lots.  Otherwise Colorado will not become the laughing stock of the soccer world.

Four for Four in NCAA Tournament

Well I picked the eight teams in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament and with the comeback of Georgetown my bracket is now perfect for the Final Four.
It will be nice to see how this comes out next weekend and see if I can be perfect.

Not that I am perfect in the tournament, I picked some upsets that didn’t happen and I was down on myself, but I picked the right teams to keep moving through.

Doing great for now, we’ll see what happens.

Avs Make It Interesting

I went to the Colorado Avalanche game this evening and they made it interesting.
Carrying a 3 – 0 lead into the 18th minute in the 3rd Period, after surviving a Blue Jacket 5 – 3 powerplay, they gave up two quick goals to Rick Nash and the Columbus Blue Jackets made it interesting down to the end. They held on to win 3-2.

It was an exciting game with some hard hits, a good fight, and Paul Stastny got a goal to extend his scoring streak to 13 games. In doing that, Stastny became the third rookie ever to have at least a 13 game scoring streak. The other two, his dad and uncle.

The only other disappointment was that Joe Sakic couldn’t continue his scoring streak, ending it at 12.

I think the best hit tonight when Ian Laperriere took out Nash along the boards. He just picked him up and put Nash on his back.

This is a good and needed win as the Avs head out on a 11 day road trip.

Go Avs!

Super Bowl XLI Gets Off to a Crazy Start

Super Bowl XLI is sure off to a crazy start.
The Bears run back the kick-off, several turnovers, Manning hits Wayne for a big touchdown, a mis-handled extra point, and a lot of rain.

It should be an exciting game.  Especially since the commercials are only so-so this year.

Let’s see what the second quarter brings us.