The wonders of food, the charity of human beings

I just watched this story on 60 minutes and was inspired. Not only is Chef Massimo Bottura doing wonders with food, he is also giving back to communities around the world. He is taking food that is still good, but a store may not want to sell it anymore and serving low income and homeless three-course meals.

Thank you Chef for giving back.

130 new beers in one year? A Colorado brewery’s experiment led to an unexpected result – The Colorado Sun

WeldWerks Brewing’s pledge to brew and package 100 different beers is possible because of the insatiable appetite of beer enthusiasts for new flavors, new styles, new brands. But what’s the limit?
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Love the various options for beers in Colorado. But there are alot. But I’m really liking the options from my local brewery, Frolic. Great staff, food and beer.

Is Amazon Go really that good?

For those of you who haven’t heard, Amazon is testing out a new shopping experience in Seattle called Amazon Go. You walk into the Amazon store, scan the Amazon Go app on your smart phone and then start shopping. 

As you pick up items it keeps track of what you have. You can put things back and it removes them. When you are done, you just walk out of the store. No waiting in lines, no talking with a cashier, nothing.

Your Amazon account is billed and you get a receipt on the app. 

In my opinion this will be a game changer for shopping. I already use the self-checkout at my local grocery store. If I can get in and get out without waiting in line, bingo. I will be happy and it will be much more efficient to go to the grocery store.

Amazon Go should significantly reduce overhead costs as they would not need to have as many staff as a modern day grocery store would. But is that good thing or a bad thing?

What do you think? Will you shop there if one comes to your neighborhood? Will Amazon do to grocery stores like what they did to bookstores? Let me know in the comments below.

A shot out to Oskar Blues Brewery – Dale’s On TNT Show

I just need to give a shout out to Oskar Blues Brewery the makers of Dale’s Pale Ale.
I was watching an episode from a couple weeks ago of Men of a Certain Age. In that episode, the character played by Ray Romano brought Dale’s to his hotel pool to drink with his bookie.

Good product placement Oskar Blues! I just love Dale’s Pale Ale!

Cherry Creek North was crazy tonight

I don’t know what we were thinking tonight, but I met up with my wife, kids, and sister in-law in Cherry Creek North for dinner at the Cherry Cricket.
The problem is that Christmas is only a few days away and people were out spending money in the shops in Cherry Creek North and the mall at Cherry Creek.

My issue was with the parking garage between 1st and 2nd Avenues where Sears is located. I pulled into the parking garage, parked and then tried to get out. There was no signage and the only way out was through Sears.

Well when I got into Sears, it was worse than a than a casino in Las Vegas trying to get out of there. Even a clerk didn’t know how to explain how to get out of there. I eventually made it, but it was nuts.

It was then nuts trying to get back to my car. My wife’s car was in a different section of the building and they weren’t connected. I had to find my way back into Sears and back to my car. It was just ridiculous.

One thing wasn’t ridiculous was dinner tonight at the Cherry Cricket. The food was great and the service was exceptional. Check out my review.

Last thing, I know where I won’t be parking the next time we head down there. And it definitely won’t be around Christmas time.

CB Potts in Westminster needs some improvement

My family and I went out to CB & Potts in Westminster on Friday night and the experience was not that great.
Basically the service was horrible and the wait was about 5 times what they said it would be. They tried to blame it on a party at a table taking too long, but they sat many parties before we were even seated without them trying to get us a seat to fit our party of 6.

You can read my entire review on Yelp.

It will be a while before I go back. Hopefully they will improve in the near future.

Cafe 222, A great place to eat

I am in San Diego for PRSA’s International Conference and for lunch today I went to Cafe 222.
This is a great restaurant for breakfast and lunch and is not too far from the convention center. I just needed to get out of the hotel.

I wrote a review in Yelp. But if you are in San Diego and downtown, check out Cafe 222 for a good meal.

Another wonderful find in Wash Park – Devil’s Food Bakery

I had a morning business meeting yesterday and since they were staying near near DU I thought Wash Park would be a good place to meet and what came to mind was Devil’s Food Bakery.
I had found this place after walking around the neighborhood following another fabulous meal at the Washington Park Grille.

This place lived up to their reviews and their website. The breakfast was wonderful.  I had a scramble with fresh mozzarela, tomatoes, and bacon. It also came with homemade bread from the bakery, sausage, and potatoes.

The breakfast was more than enough.

They also have many more interesting things on their menu that I want to go back and try.

One more benefit of Devil’s Food Bakery is that it is a cell free zone. No cell phone use. We were at a business meeting and neither of us were disturbed by our cell phones or people talking on their cell phones at other tables.

Even though I live in Westminster, Wash Park is one of the favorite hang outs for my wife and I.

If you are near Wash Park, pop in to the Devil’s Food Bakery for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or one of their wonderful looking pastries.