Cherry Creek North was crazy tonight

I don’t know what we were thinking tonight, but I met up with my wife, kids, and sister in-law in Cherry Creek North for dinner at the Cherry Cricket.
The problem is that Christmas is only a few days away and people were out spending money in the shops in Cherry Creek North and the mall at Cherry Creek.

My issue was with the parking garage between 1st and 2nd Avenues where Sears is located. I pulled into the parking garage, parked and then tried to get out. There was no signage and the only way out was through Sears.

Well when I got into Sears, it was worse than a than a casino in Las Vegas trying to get out of there. Even a clerk didn’t know how to explain how to get out of there. I eventually made it, but it was nuts.

It was then nuts trying to get back to my car. My wife’s car was in a different section of the building and they weren’t connected. I had to find my way back into Sears and back to my car. It was just ridiculous.

One thing wasn’t ridiculous was dinner tonight at the Cherry Cricket. The food was great and the service was exceptional. Check out my review.

Last thing, I know where I won’t be parking the next time we head down there. And it definitely won’t be around Christmas time.

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