Don’t use Teleflora for flower orders, service is horrible

f you are thinking about using Teleflora to order flowers for someone or something. DON’T! Run away to another service. They are horrible and don’t deliver when they say they will.
I ordered flowers for my mother for Mother’s Day for delivery today, May 10. I have a confirmation that it would be delivered today.

Was it, NO!

Photo of flowers

The excuse that I got when I called customer service was that they couldn’t find a florist to do the bouquet that I ordered and have it delivered today. They don’t deliver on Sunday.

So the earliest that it will be delivered will be on Monday. They gave me a discount for that, but i am not holding my breath.

Now I am screwed and my mother is not going to get flowers for Mother’s Day. Great job Teleflora.

When I called customer service, they had a chance to step up and make things right and try to keep my future business, but they blew it and won’t have my service again, ever.

I asked the customer service agent why I should use Teleflora in the future, it was silent. He didn’t know how to answer.

I hope the flowers are delivered on Monday so my Mother will have a Mother’s Day gift, even though it is a day late. But if they are not, Teleflora is going to get a call and I won’t stop calling until something is taken care of.

If you want to order flowers online, don’t use Teleflora!

Here is someone who also had a problem.

CompUSA Closing

According to a story on CNET, CompUSA is closing.
The were sold to a private equity firm and they will initiate closing all 103 stores.  The stores will remain open through the holiday season, probably with everything must go.

It is amazing to me that they are closing.  I think they tried to be everything in the electronics game and got hit hard by the competition from Circuit City and Best Buy.  They should have stuck with the computer end of it and they might have done better.

Frys Electronics has always done well in California.  It will be sad to see CompUSA go, but I am sure there will be some good prices and opportunities on the Internet.

I wonder who is next?  Circuit City has been having some problems, maybe they are next.

Read more:  CompUSA Closing Up Shop (PC World)

Weird experience at Whole Foods

I am in DC for work and stopped by the Whole Foods on “P Street” in the district.
When I went to pay, I just placed my small black basket on the belt to go to the cashier.  When it was my turn she looked at me and said, “Will you take your groceries out of basket?”

This is weird.

What different does it make that the groceries are in my little basket then just sitting on the belt?  The cashier can get those out just as easy as I can.

I remember the day when I was working in retail industry as a cashier and I would pull merchandise out of the grocery cart or the small baskets.  It is not that big of a deal.

I think Whole Foods needs to look at this and we need cashiers who actually do some work.  I am paying for those groceries.

If I wanted to pull them out of my small basket, I want self-checkout so I don’t have to deal with anyone. Especially if they are going to be negative and lazy.

Apple Having Post-Thanksgiving Sale?

It looks like Apple is having another post-Thanksgiving sale in their retail stores and online.
I am interested in seeing what mark down items they have.

According their website, the sale runs from Midnight PST to 11:59 PM PST on November 23, 2007.

Good Hunting?

Xpenser Looking Good

Well I was reading Lifehacker this evening and found this new expense tracking program on the Internet, Xpenser.  The post on Lifehacker, “Track your Purchases as they Happen at Xpenser” is a pretty good description and overview of the application.
This is an online expense tracking tool that allows you to keep track of expenses via email, sms, instant message, and voice through Jott.

I travel a lot for work and if I can use it to keep track of my travel expenses.  I have everything set up and it was quite easy.  I look forward to my upcoming trip to try this out.

You can read more about the program at the Xpenser Blog.

Cost Plus Provides Good Service

I just want to commend Cost Plus #172 in Thornton, Colorado.
We were purchasing some Adirondack Chairs and the ones we wanted were at the bottom.  They helped us get them and take them to the car.

Also there was a problem with the price on one of our items and they checked it out and adjusted the price.

They were really nice and helpful and it made for a pleasant experience to shop there.