Driving through the plains

A couple of weeks ago I went for drive in the eastern plains. I started out in Greeley through Brush and Byers back home. I just needed to get out during this new normal.

Get out and vote today Colorado! Vote Yes on 103!

Today is election day in Colorado. Make sure you get out and exercise your right and vote!
In Colorado, we have a big choice today, whether we want to fund our schools at a rate that makes them sustainable or a rate that continues their decline.

In today’s world, we need students who are educated and creative. The more that school’s are required to cut, the more they will cut the optional items like the library and art. These are essential in creating well-rounded students that will continue to develop our great country.

Vote Yes on 103 and support Colorado schools.

Student who had NOBAMA sticker on chest settles lawsuit

Last year the day before the election, a high school student Blake Benson was waiting in line to attend an event where Michelle Obama was appearing was pulled from the line and arrested for having a NOBAMA sticker across his chest.
He was held on a misdemeanor charge of interference with school and staff which could have resulted in him spending 6 months in jail.

This is something that shouldn’t have been done by the school principal or the Jefferson County sheriff. He was just exercising his free speech rights.

The even was open to all and not a closed event. They should never had bothered him.

The ACLU represented him and he received a $4,000 settlement from Jefferson County and the Jefferson County School District.

I think that he said it best with his quote.

“What my teachers taught me about our constitutional rights wasn’t respected outside the classroom,” Benson said in a written statement. “If one thing comes from this case, I hope it is that other students will learn more about their free speech rights and not be afraid to use them.”

Can you own the rain…

A column in the Denver Post this morning by Daniel Fitzgerald asked that very question.  Can you own the rain?
Kris Holstrom lives on the western slope of Colorado and wanted to capture the rain that fell off her roof to be able to water her yard and her burgeoning organic farming business.  It wouldn’t have been that much and she applied to do that through the State of Colorado.

But the State Engineer said no and the Water Court of Colorado agreed.  They ruled that the rain that fell on her house was tributary to the San Miguel River and thereby previously appropriated.  She can’t capture rain and use it on her garden.

This is the same thinking that is causing water problems in the western United States, prior appropriation or otherwise known as first-in-time, first-in-right.  This is the same rule that has applied to water appropriation since the west was settled.

Since there is a tremendous increase in population the consumption and need of water is ever-growing.  We (the residents of Colorado and the West) need to start planning and developing innovative solutions to water management.  Being stuck in the same ol’ ways will not help us, but hurt us.

Studies have been done in capturing water that runs off the roofs and used to water gardens and also for waste supply (like toilets) and it will save a lot of water while still returning it to the river or transpired into the air to fall as rain somewhere else. 

Most likely, the water from this persons roof would not make it to the river.  It would have either evaporated or transpired through the vegetation.

We in the West need innovative technologies and a new thinking of water management.  If we don’t the water crisis will only get worse.

Washington Park Grille delivers good food and experience

I have found a new restaurant in Denver that is now on my favorites list and it is the Washington Park Grille.
My first experience was a couple months ago during restaurant week in Denver with my wife.  We had a nice dinner, the food was wonderful, and the service top class.  The steak and wine were perfect.  We went on a Wednesday night and when we left the restaurant was still hoping and the bar was overflowing.

The second time I went was last Thursday for Project Angel Heart during lunch.  I went with some co-workers and most of us had been there before.  This time I had the buffalo meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. It was wonderful.

This is a great restaurant in a great part of Denver.  They have great service, great food, great wine, and look like they have great martini’s.

The only drawback is parking.  There is not that much of it with the several restaurants and shops around on Gaylord Street.  Added to the problem is that residential streets in the area have restrictions on them that require a permit to park in the evenings.

The only saving grace is that they have valet parking on Thursday through Saturday evenings.

Reservations are recommended. You can even make a reservation online through OpenTable.

If you want a really good, casual dinner with your loved one or friends, head to the Washington Park Grille. It is a great neighborhood gathering place that you will want to keep coming back to.

Douglas Bruce in trouble again

Representative Douglas Bruce’s tenure in the Colorado House continues to be a tumultuous one.
It started with him kicking a Rocky Mountain News photographer, using a remark against seasonal workers, and now being accused of sexual harassment.

In the latest issue, a complaint was filed against Bruce for sexual harassment.  But in an interview with KHOW’s Dan Caplis, Bruce said that he was only smiling at the woman. Continue reading “Douglas Bruce in trouble again”