Mothers Bistro a great place to eat in Buena Vista

I was going through Buena Vista, Colorado for work last week and it was lunch time and a co-worker and I headed to Mothers Bistro. My co-worker had been there before and highly recommended it.
Well we weren’t disappointed. It was a great meal and a nice place to relax as we were driving back from our meeting.

My co-worker had the daily quiche and I had the ham and sharp cheddar panini. Let me just say it was delicious. In fact, all the food looked delicious and the staff was wonderful. It was almost like eating lunch at home.

The food is brought out to you, but during the day, you bus your own table. Something that I don’t mind doing.

It took all of our willpower to not get desert. It looked scrumptious.

So if you are going through Buena Vista, head east on Main Street from Highway 24 and stop by Mothers Bistro. You won’t be disappointed.

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