The snow is coming, hopefully

The snow is coming Wednesday into Thursday. At least I’m hoping it does. It’s been awhile since we have had a big storm.

This is what Accuweather is predicting for my town.

Let’s hope this materializes.

Comcast, Get A Clue About Weather Warnings form the National Weather Service

Please get a clue about weather warnings!

Throughout the afternoon you have been sending out warnings on my television for a tornado warning. Which is fine, except if the warning is no where near where I live.

I live in Westminster, Colorado, while the warnings you are issuing are near Kiowa and Colorado Springs. That is about 60 miles as the crow flies.

Those warnings aren’t even close.

Not only are you stressing our family out, we are missing other things on television. The big thing was we missed the end of the Rockies game tonight.

If the technology from the National Weather Service can be there to tell us by part of a county we live in if there is severe weather, then you with addressable cable boxes should be able to determine if we live in a warning area and not send us the warnings that don’t apply to us.

Get some technology and start serving us appropriately.

Cool Cloud Photo

I just took a look outside and saw some cool clouds.

I’m wondering when it will start raining. Looks like there is a lot of wind up there.

Spring in Colorado

You just got to love the weather in Colorado, particularly the spring weather.
This past week, it was in the low 70’s for a couple days, but from Thursday to Friday the temperatures dropped 35 degrees and we got about 6 inches of snow.

Well today the temps started warming up and now the snow is mostly melted. It will warm up to the 60’s but we are now into a pattern of rain/snow storms every 3-5 days.

One thing is for sure, this moisture will help green up the yards for summer.

You have to love Spring in Colorado.

Health advisory issued as smoke flows into Colorado – The Denver Post

Health advisory issued as smoke flows into Colorado – The Denver Post.
It is just plain nasty in Denver right now because of the smoke that is coming into the area because of the fires in Southern California.

The weather is just right and it is funneling all that smoke up here. When I was driving home from work, it was so bad it felt like it was dusk and the sun wasn’t setting for another couple of hours.

Hopefully it will clear up soon, but they are saying it won’t clear up until the weekend.

It is just plain nasty out right now.

Incredible Thunderstorm Hits Denver Metro Area

Luckily I didn’t get hit with the hail, but the rain was amazing. I have never seen it hit us this bad here.

Damage reports are just coming in and it doesn’t sound good in the Arvada, Golden, and Lakewood. Trees are down, power is out, and there is a lot of hail still on the ground. Hail and the winds were pretty significant.

We’ll have to see how things go in the morning.

Can you own the rain…

A column in the Denver Post this morning by Daniel Fitzgerald asked that very question.  Can you own the rain?
Kris Holstrom lives on the western slope of Colorado and wanted to capture the rain that fell off her roof to be able to water her yard and her burgeoning organic farming business.  It wouldn’t have been that much and she applied to do that through the State of Colorado.

But the State Engineer said no and the Water Court of Colorado agreed.  They ruled that the rain that fell on her house was tributary to the San Miguel River and thereby previously appropriated.  She can’t capture rain and use it on her garden.

This is the same thinking that is causing water problems in the western United States, prior appropriation or otherwise known as first-in-time, first-in-right.  This is the same rule that has applied to water appropriation since the west was settled.

Since there is a tremendous increase in population the consumption and need of water is ever-growing.  We (the residents of Colorado and the West) need to start planning and developing innovative solutions to water management.  Being stuck in the same ol’ ways will not help us, but hurt us.

Studies have been done in capturing water that runs off the roofs and used to water gardens and also for waste supply (like toilets) and it will save a lot of water while still returning it to the river or transpired into the air to fall as rain somewhere else. 

Most likely, the water from this persons roof would not make it to the river.  It would have either evaporated or transpired through the vegetation.

We in the West need innovative technologies and a new thinking of water management.  If we don’t the water crisis will only get worse.