Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone has a joyous and Merry Christmas!
Enjoy the time with your family and take some time to just relax. We don’t get do that often and this is the perfect time.

Merry Christmas!

The Wonderful World of Children’s Christmas Performances

It is the season to get out of work and go watch your children sing out of key various Christmas and holiday songs.
The kids are nervous and the fidgit quite a bit, but it is one of the best memories of all time.

The kids love it and nothing is quite like watching your child perform. It is one for all time.

To the person complaining about our dog barking…

Just come talk to us.
You don’t need to call and complain to the homeowner’s association, you don’t need to call and complain to the police. Just come speak with us.

Oh, the time you called and complained to the police? The dog would have been inside.

Just come talk to us. The dog is just a puppy and we are working with her on the barking. And she doesn’t bark that much, not more than any other dog.

To the City of Westminster, the dog is just barely old enough to have a license and we just got her spayed. We are in the process of submitting the application for a license.

On Day Care, Google Makes a Rare Fumble

Talking Business – On Day Care, Google Makes a Rare Fumble –
Google gets positioned as the company that everyone wants to work for because of all they do for their employees.  But in the case of day care, they are falling through the cracks.

By raising the cost of day care, they are creating an elitist atmosphere and a division within their employee ranks.  In creating this division, employees are not happy and many of the brightest are now leaving for other companies.

I am hoping that this shows other companies how not to treat their employees.

Getting older and to a better year…

Well here is to getting older. Tomorrow, July 3, is my 39th birthday. Not again, for the first time. The funny thing is that I don’t feel any older.
Birthdays are always fun, especially when my birthday is on July 3. We are going as a family plus my niece, nephew, and sister in-law, to the Rockies game and fireworks afterwards. It is always a fun evening and we enjoy the evening out as a family.

But this is better than last year for me. Last year at this time I was in the hospital to have my appendix out. I was a hurting puppy and it is much better to be home hanging out with the family than in a hospital in quite-a-bit of pain.

Well here is to another year.

A little birdy growing up…

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a bird had built a nest, a finch to be specific, in our wreath on our front door.  I took a look and noticed there was an egg in it.
We’ll I just let it go.  I never saw the mother, so I thought the egg was dead.  Well a week-in-a-half later I took another look and there was a chick.  Then I tried to watch it, I neve saw it move.

I even checked it last week and I couldn’t see if it had moved or not.  But I still saw the mother flying in and out.

Well yesterday I saw the chick and it was moving.  It’s eyes were moving and I could see it breathing.

So after thinking it was dead twice, we are trying to minimize our use of the front door so it can continue to grow and not have a lot of interruptions.

It is getting feathers now and it shouldn’t be much longer.  We’ll do our best to help it get a good start into the world.

I just have to keep the kids away.  I will show them what it looks like though.

Let the vacation begin…

I am on a little mini-vacation and it is needed.  I am staying around town and have family visiting, but it is time to relax and recharge.
I hope to get more posts done and move forward with some other projects.

I am really looking forward to some fun.