Douglas Bruce in trouble again

Representative Douglas Bruce’s tenure in the Colorado House continues to be a tumultuous one.
It started with him kicking a Rocky Mountain News photographer, using a remark against seasonal workers, and now being accused of sexual harassment.

In the latest issue, a complaint was filed against Bruce for sexual harassment.  But in an interview with KHOW’s Dan Caplis, Bruce said that he was only smiling at the woman.

According to the Rocky Mountain News, “The legislature’s sexual harassment policy outlines how to handle complaints, and gives examples of conduct that could constitute sexual harassment. The examples included making sexual comments, giving gifts of a sexual nature, or intentionally brushing against someone’s body.”

Bruce seems to like the spotlight and attention.  He was appointed to serve out the term and is running for the seat, but has strong competition.  I am hoping his opponent wins because he does not belong in the House representing his constituents.  He brings a bad name to Colorado.

He has a target on his back, but I don’t really trust him.  It will be interesting to see how this investigation comes out.  It has a chance of being really bad and I don’t think smiling would have brought these charges.

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