Mothers Bistro a great place to eat in Buena Vista

I was going through Buena Vista, Colorado for work last week and it was lunch time and a co-worker and I headed to Mothers Bistro. My co-worker had been there before and highly recommended it.
Well we weren’t disappointed. It was a great meal and a nice place to relax as we were driving back from our meeting.

My co-worker had the daily quiche and I had the ham and sharp cheddar panini. Let me just say it was delicious. In fact, all the food looked delicious and the staff was wonderful. It was almost like eating lunch at home.

The food is brought out to you, but during the day, you bus your own table. Something that I don’t mind doing.

It took all of our willpower to not get desert. It looked scrumptious.

So if you are going through Buena Vista, head east on Main Street from Highway 24 and stop by Mothers Bistro. You won’t be disappointed.

Non-smokers hit jackpot at casinos

Non-smokers hit jackpot at casinos : Updates : The Rocky Mountain News
Yeah! No smoking at casinos in Colorado. This is the main reason why we don’t go there. It was horrible to walk into a casino and be greeted by a wall of smoke.

The smokers are complaining that there rights are being violated, but what about my rights to breath clean air? I have that right to and I should not have to put up with someone smoking next to me.

The casinos are complaining that they are going to have a decline in revenue, but economic studies tend to indicate otherwise. Business will increase over time.

It was stupid for the legislature to exclude casinos the first-time the smoking ban was passed. I am glad they addressed it again and finally banned smoking in casinos.

Tancredo to Abandon Presidential Bid, Maybe Run for Senate

Tancredo to Abandon Presidential Bid –
Tom Tancredo, a Republican Congressman from Colorado is abandoning his bid for President.  Tancredo was running on the illegal immigration platform and by running for President allowed him to get the press and coverage he desired to get his point across to the country, that we need to eliminate illegal immigration and prosecute and return to their native country all illegal immigrants.

To me this is something that is impossible and inhumane.  Tancredo’s views are a little off the deep-end and never caught on with the American public.  The new immigration policy, if anyone ever has the guts to develop something and get it implemented, must work to curb illegal immigration while working to incorporate those who are currently here.

We need to work to stop the incentives for coming here.  If we are not able to do that, then we will never be able to curb or eliminate illegal immigration.

The next big question is what happens to Tancredo.  He has already said that he won’t be running for re-election to his Congressional seat.  Is he going to run for the Senate in Colorado?

I happen to think that he is.  He is going to work to keep his message in the conversation and running for the open seat being vacated by Wayne Allard will do that.  The problem is that he is getting a late start for that race.  He also is a real polarizing person and in today’s political climate in Colorado that will not do it.  To get elected in Colorado you need to be a moderate and pull votes from both major parties and independents.

There is going to be a lot of media focused on the Senate race in Colorado this year.  Tancredo just doesn’t have it to make it to the election in November.

Just a side note, Tom Tancredo for President has to be one of the worst website home pages for a Presidential candidate.  It takes too many clicks to get to the information on where he stands on issues. 

A Colorado promise broken

The Denver Post – A Colorado promise broken
The Denver Post editorial board has put out this wonderful editorial critical of Governor Ritter.  I couldn’t have said it any better.

This Governor had squelched public debate and collaborative decision-making to satisfy an ever increasing minority within this country.

Unions once had a important place in this country in protecting workers and ensuring that they were compensated fairly.  But that time has gone.

And unions in government are even worse.   They only serve to waste time and money while fighting over parking places and who gets a better office space.  Unions in government are worthless.  Managers have to spend a lot more time addressing union issues then communicating with their employees or doing business that we as taxpayers are paying them to do.

This is going to painful for Colorado and especially for taxpayers who will have to pay more to get the same amount of work done.  Businesses who want to do business here will be discouraged.  We may lose an opportunity at economic development.

Ritter has broken his promise to all of us.  We need to look seriously to see if we will want to keep him around as Governor.

We Need a Solution For Water

The Colorado Index: We Need a Solution For Water
This is an interesting look at water in Colorado and need to have something done.  This post looks at some of the political wrangling around water in the State of Colorado.

Something needs to be done, but most people want to talk about it, and not take any action.  If something is not done soon, we will be short of water and and that is something that we don’t need to be short of.