Media need to think more before they talk

I was just watching CNN and the anchor misspoke. She said that Droid has become the most popular Smartphone on the market.
The problem is that she was referring to Android overtaking Blackberry as the most popular smartphone platform.

The problem is that Droid is a phone that runs android and is made by Motorola. I’m sure Motorola liked the press, but it shows media talking about things they don’t really understand.

Last week the Denver Post ran a story with a headline that said about the Federal budget. The headline said the government shutdown was averted because the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution.

While the body of the story was correct, the headline implied something differently.

In this day of instant news, the media needs to work harder to get the story right.

Some Random Thoughts…

Here are some random thoughts:

  • TCU will surpass Boise State in the BCS standings this weekend. TCU blew out #5 Utah today on the road. They take the inside track to be the one-and-only non-automatic qualifier to make the Bowl Championship Series Bowls. Boise State stands a good chance to go undefeated and not make it. This will open up a whole bunch of scrutiny that the BCS doesn’t want but would deserve.
  • The Major League Soccer playoffs get real interesting because the Eastern Conference Finals will take place in Denver between the Colorado Rapids and San Jose Earthquakes on November 13. These two teams from the Western Conference were put in the Eastern Conference after only the top two teams from the East qualified for the playoffs and then promptly lost in the 1st round. Denver come out and support the Rapids!
  • Finally Keith Olbermann should have been suspended by NBC for what he did. They have it outlined for all their employees and he crossed the line. It never looks good when you give money to a politician the same day that you have them on for an interview on your show. It’s also hypocritical of him because he called out Fox News for the same thing. Yes there is his 1st amendment right, but journalists have a different ethical standard that they need to live by.

Well that is it for now. I’m getting nervous of how bad this winter will be. It’s been way to nice this fall. I think Mother Nature will make is pay soon.

Malawi makes strides and now is exporting food

After suffering through a deadly drought, the government of Malawi took the bold step, and ignored the United States and European Union, and developed a seed giveaway program.
Well guess what happened, they have had two bumper crops and are now exporting food to their neighboring countries.  Quite a success story.

I found this story on NBC Nightly News and it caught my attention.

Behind the scenes with Katie Couric

I saw this video and watched it. It is video of Katie Couric behind the scenes and the interaction between Katie and everyone it takes to put on CBS Evening News.
A lot of people are being critical of her, but to me this is not bad. It shows the confusion and work that goes into putting on a major news show. Sometimes you just need to liven things up.

Take a look:

What do you think?

Good news to talk about

One of the things that I dislike about the current mainstream news on the networks and cable news networks is the lack of good news.
They are always reporting on OJ Simpson, Iraq, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, or some latest murder or crash.  Never someone doing something good.

Well that was different on CBS Sunday Morning this morning.  They had a great story by Steve Hartman on “Reporting the Good News“.  It focused on three positive stories; a young boy who is working to clean-up city park in New Orleans; a top brain surgeon who came to America as an illegal immigrant and worked the fields in California, and a man who has kept his first car he bought in 1937 and the memories who went with the car.

I think my favorite story was the man who kept the car.  He bought it with $10 he saved from salvaging junk from garbage piles and he got it to go by stealing his dad’s moonshine.  But his best memories are of him and his wife in the car.

From having his first kiss in front of her house to the many trips they took together.  Even though she passed away in 1998, he has the memories, especially her initials carved in the steering wheel.

This is what good about this country.  It is always nice to see positive stories on the news and news shows.  I just wish they would put more of them on.

I guess that is why I like CBS Sunday Morning.  It is a nice relaxing look at news and it is full of fun, positive news stories and I always learn something.  Keep it up.

DIA de-icers get faulty training : Airlines & Aerospace

DIA de-icers get faulty training : Airlines & Aerospace : The Rocky Mountain News
This is a report that aired this evening on CBS 4 News and was put together by Brian Maass.

This is appalling to me.  I fly a lot, including in the winter, and rely on de-icers to make sure that my flight is safe.  I also rely on the airlines and Federal Air Administration to ensure that my flight is safe.

Because they were not checking up on their contractor, Servisair, they passed everyone by giving them the answers.  That is not acceptable.  It shouldn’t take an investigative report from the CBS affiliate in Denver to uncover this.

The company should be checking up on their instructors, including planting people in the class, to make sure they are following the rules.  In addition, the FAA and the airlines (who hired Servisair to de-ice planes) should do independent checks to ensure that make sure Servisair is doing their job.

I must let you know Servisair was appalled by what they saw on the tape and suspended and eventually fired the person who administered the tests and called everyone back to take a refresher course and re-take the tests.  But to me, it is a little late.

Let’s just hope that there are no problems this year with de-icing planes.