MSNBC Interactive News Acquires Newsvine

MSNBC Interactive News Acquires Newsvine –
I wonder how this will continue to work for Newsvine.  They are a good company that is doing something intriguing and allowing people to comment on the news stories.  With MSNBC acquiring them, what does it mean for Newsvine?

It appears that they are not making any big changes and even incorporating some of Newsvine’s technology into their own website.  According to Dan Gillmor of the Center for Citizen Media Blog, feels that this is a good thing, “…pulling Newsvine under its wing make perfect sense.”

We, as bloggers and the net community, need to make sure that this is a good thing for Newsvine and MSNBC does not diminish the impact that Newsvine has on the net.

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