Denver Broncos Lay an Egg

The Denver Broncos were in perfect position to go to the playoffs and then manage to lose to the San Francisco 49ers 26-23 in overtime.
The way that the Broncos played the second half of the year they didn’t deserve to have a chance at the playoffs.  But with the perfect opportunity to win against a weaker team, they came out and laid one of the biggest eggs in the history of the franchise.

They need to address many things and one of them is the defense.  They started out the season strong and faded down the stretch.  They even faded at the end of games, todays was an example.  They need better conditioning and be ready to play 60 minutes.

They also need a running back to hold on the ball.  After putting the ball on the grass at critical moments the last three weeks, Tatum Bell was in the game again and put it on the grass.

These professionals need to look at what they want to do and come out and play next year.  If not, there might need to be a change at coach.  Shanahan did not do a good job this year and his message might be getting old in Denver and the game might be passing him by.

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