What a crazy day in college football

Today was a weird but fun day in college football.

  • Alabama showed that it was the best team in the Nation with a huge win over Arkansas.
  • The Football Championship Series and lower conference teams show they can play with the big boys with Western Kentucky beating Kentucky, Utah State should have beat Wisconsin, and University of Louisiana Monroe taking Auburn to OT.
  • Football sucks in Colorado. The university of Colorado got killed by Fresno State. They were down 55-7 at half. That is just embarrassing. Colorado State lost to future Mountain West Conference foe San Jose State.
  • Its not good in Wyoming either who lost to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo at home. A team from sea level coming to play at 7,000+ feet.
  • …and my team the Idaho Vandals going into Death Valley and hanging with the LSU Tigers for a half before bring out gunned.

College football is fun and I can’t wait until next week. You never know what will happen.

Rapids lose again

The Rapids lose again. While they can’t score, the defense needs to stop the errors. Too many mistakes early in the match. Combine that with a Pickens error and that is a loss.

While this was going to be a tough match to win, a point would have been nice. Now they have to play flawlessly throughout the rest of the season if they want a chance to make the playoffs.

Torn by the news of Idaho Vandals going independent in football

I am torn by the Idaho Vandals going independent in Division I football and moving all other sports to the Big Sky Conference. They are fighting for survival in Division I after being snubbed by the Mountain West Conference. I am torn because I want them to stay at the FBS level in football, but feel the security of the Big Sky is where they probably should be.
I personally feel that Idaho would fit in perfectly in the Mountain West. They compete on an equal basis with all the schools and do quite well in all of the olympic sports. Though they have struggled in football, they almost beat Colorado State University in Fort Collins a couple of years ago.

I think Idaho has suffered from a perception problem. People think it is hard to get to Moscow, but it is not that hard to get to.

Then there is a media market problem. Moscow is in one media market (Spokane) but its major fan base is located in Boise, another media market. But they also have a large fan base in Portland and Seattle. I think the Mountain West and others are discounting this larger fan base.

Has Idaho made some mistakes? I think so. When they had the opportunity to develop and expand its facilities, they were slow to the party. They have made some steps to expand the Kibbie Dome, but it only sits 18,000. They need about 12,000 more to have a good size for Division I. While they use the Kibbie Dome for basketball, or as it is known as the Cowen Spectrum, they do need a dedicated activity center complex where they can play basketball, volleyball, dare I say hockey, and the jazz festival.

But fans, alumni, students, and residents of the inland northwest need to start coming out and supporting the Vandals. Getting only 12,000 to come out for a game against a team is something that all of us Vandals should not stand for. Since the Kibbie Dome only sits 18,000, that place should be sold out every game.

We are all Vandals and I trust that Rob Spear and Duane Nellis are going to do what is best for Idaho.

Go Vandals!


I witnessed the worst officiating in Major League Soccer tonight

I just watched the worst officiated Major League Soccer match this evening. It was horrible and led to one Los Angeles Galaxy goal and almost allowed it to be tied by the Colorado Rapids in stoppage time at the end of the game.
I coach young boys in soccer and always tell them respect the referee and you can’t depend on their calls or be beat by their calls, but tonight I was totally disgusted by the officiating by the official Major League Soccer brought to Dicks Sporting Goods Park.

One call led to a goal for LA Galaxy. I watched the play and there wasn’t even a foul. The referee blew the whistle out of no where. Beckham does what he does and serves it into the box and ball ends up in the back of the net.

Later, Robbie Keane takes a dive and gets the foul. It was a horrible call and the referee throws a yellow at Larentowicz for dissent. I saw the LA Galaxy players do that several times and no yellow was given.

Later in the second half, Drew Moor goes up for a goal kick against a Galaxy player and gets called for a foul. Both players were going for the ball and it was a 50-50 ball. Just horrible call. There were many worse plays on headers including Tony Cascio getting leveled in the box in the first half.

Now Galaxy supporters will point to the penalty kick given to the Rapids later in the match. I saw it pretty clear and was a horrible call. There was no penalty on that play. But I guess the referee thought he should give the Rapids a chance. The referee was so out of position he couldn’t have called it.

Now Omar Cummings take of the penalty was even worse, but that is another story.

All the people who love soccer and Major League Soccer are getting quite tired of the horrible officiating that occurs on the pitch. It needs to be fair and accurate both ways. Officials need to be in the correct position throughout the match. If they can’t do that, they don’t deserve to be on the pitch.

Let’s hope Major League Soccer does something about it.

New Major League Soccer Blog to check out

My friend who got me interested in Major League Soccer has started a new blog about MLS called Palouse Footy. He just published his first MLS Power Rankings today. For you Colorado Rapids fans, he has them at 6th.
He is quite knowledgable about soccer and is a big fan of the Colorado Rapids in MLS and Burnley playing in Championship League in England.

If you love or just like Major League Soccer, check out this blog.

I sure hope the NCHC gets better officials than the WCHA

I just finished re-watching the first two periods of the DU-UND Hockey game and I have to say the WCHA officials were horrible but that has not been unusual this year. The new National Collegiate Hockey Conference better get better officials because that league will certainly deserve it.
The 5-minute game misconduct penalty on Tabrum for the University of Denver in the first period was a bad call. The North Dakota player turned his back just as he was getting hit. It may have been a 2-minute penalty, but certainly not a 5-minute game misconduct.

The most outrageous call of the night was the 5-min major game misconduct to Joey LaLeggia. After Mayfield scored a beautiful goal to put DU up 4-2, LaLeggia was going to celebrate with Mayfield and Ben Blood hits him across the head. LaLeggia pushes back into his chest and then face washes him. The official ruled that LaLeggia jumped up and head-butted Blood.

First of all, Blood should have been gone for a hit to the head. Second, LaLeggia is about 6 inches shorter than Blood. Third, he never jumped up at all. You can look at the replay.

There were some other missed calls that the Western Conference Hockey Association needs to look at. These officials should be shamed of themselves and have to apologize to the University of Denver and to all fans in attendance. There performance was just unacceptable.

At least Denver beat UND 5-3 to stay in third place of the WCHA.

UND players have no class or respect

The UND Fighting Sioux (I use that term when I shouldn’t because they’re not supposed to be using it) have no class or respect.
During the national anthem tonight before their game versus the University of Denver the we’re moving around and hitting their sticks to the ice. The DU players were stoic and showed the utmost respect.

Have respect for the United States of America. I don’t care if you are an American or not. I respect your country. Respect mine.

Have some class!