Major League Baseball Needs to Institute Wider Replay Soon

Baseball is a game played by humans and ruled by humans. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes humans make mistakes. When you have the technology to fix those mistakes and do it quickly, you need to start using it.
Major League Baseball instituted replay a couple years ago for home runs. The umpires go off-the-field into some unknown area and watch the play and decide if the original call was correct. I’s usually not quick but most of the time they get it right.

Well if you saw the Rockies-Brewers game on July 16, home plate umpire Cory Blaser blew a huge call, one that he should have got correct. He then made the mistake bigger by ejecting Rockies catcher Ianetta and then Rockies manager Jim Tracy.

The play was Mark Kotsay hit a ball to center field that Dexter Fowler caught and then threw a perfect one hop ball to Ianetta at the plate who tagged out Brewers Corey Hart. Or that is what we thought.

Blaser said that Hart was safe and that is what started the melee. Take a look for yourself.

I think there is a history with Blaser and Tracy. Last year, Blaser ejected Tracy after a call in the 9th inning against the Phillies.

Blaser is a young umpire who was in the correct position to make the call. He just blew it and should have had a little thicker skin with Ianetta and Tracy. He needs to apologize, move on and learn from this mistake. He sounds like he has a promising future in baseball.

While it is a game played by humans and ruled by humans. Major League Baseball needs to take into account the technology that is available to it and use it to make the game better and fair.

Vote Cargo for All Star Game!

Carlos Gonzalez is in the fan vote for the final All Star position for the National League team.  We need to get Cargo to the All Star game. He is deserving of going.
Just go to and vote for as many times as you would like. Just like you live in Chicago or New Orleans.

Cargo is currently in 4th in the balloting, so get out there and vote.

All Star Game Player Selection Reform Needed – Want Marlins Tickets? Vote 200 times for Ramirez

Want Marlins tickets? Vote 200 times for All-Stars – MLB – Yahoo! Sports.
This is quite fishy if you pardon the pun. The idea is to vote for the best players in each league to the All Star game and right now none of the Marlins seem to fit that bill.

One person who has no business being there is shortstop Hanley Ramirez and his temper tantrums about not playing.

The other surprise is another shortstop. Jimmy Rollins is in a close 2nd while he has not played most of the first-half of the season.

The All Star game is a showcase and fun, but Bud Selig has raised the stakes for the league that wins gets to have the most World Series games.

If this is to be the rule, then a better way to select team members of the respective all star teams needs to happen also.


Vote Tulo for NL All Star at Shortstop

The fan voting is winding down and Tulowitzki is in third place in voting for National League All Star at Shortstop. It’s time to kick up the voting and get him ahead of Hanley Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins.
Hanley has had a decent year, but Tulo is having a great season and deserves the start this year. Rollins hasn’t even been playing most of the season because of injuries.

Let’s get the voting started and vote in Tulo!

MLB: Why Can’t I Watch the Rockies-Giants Today?

Hey MLB, why can’t I watch the Rockies-Giants game this afternoon?
You have instituted some weird national blackout of games that are scheduled before 7:00 PM EDT. Because of this inane policy, I won’t be able to watch the Rockies game.

It’s not the Rockies fault, they weren’t the one who scheduled the game. The Giants did. If you want to blackout the game in their television market, fine. But I am 1,000 miles away in Colorado and have no chance to attend the game.

Oh, and the reason you have this blackout in place is so I can watch the NY Mets vs Philadelphia on Fox. I could care less of that game.

MLB, I want to watch the Rockies game, get rid of this arcane blackout restriction so I can watch my team.

This blackout is only hurting the fans.

Umpiring in MLB Deteriorating

The Major League Baseball umpires have gone down hill in the last several years. To me, they just don’t understand the game.
There are some good examples just this weekend.

Last night, a Diamondback busted it up the line and was past the bag when the ball got there, but the umpire called him out. It was quite obvious that he was safe. Then as soon as AJ Hinch gets out there, he gets tossed.

Another example is todays New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox game. Ramon Ramirez was tossed when he hit Alex Rodriguez. There is no way Ramirez is throwing at him. The Yankees are up 2 late in the game and he is pitching inside, which a pitcher needs to be able to do.

Umpires have no idea of the flow of the game, they get caught up in the emotion and make calls they shouldn’t. Many of them have egos and feel that they never are wrong.

They need to be humble. Being a Major League Umpire is a privilege, not a right.

MLB Baseball Rule is bad, Manny Ramirez shouldn’t be allowed to play until suspension is up

Manny Ramirez should still be sitting somewhere other than a ballpark. He was suspended back in May for 50 games and shouldn’t be playing again until July 3.
But Manny is making the rehabilitation tour and it began this week in Albuquerque. He is now making the move to the Dodgers’ High A team.

I would have to agree with Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News who says that ESPN and others shouldn’t be celebrating Ramirez’s return. He says it best, “Only in the twisted world of Major League Baseball could a serious suspension be turned into a nationally televised victory lap with a financial upside.”

Manny should be sitting and not able to go back to a minor league team to get ready for the big leagues until the 50 games are up. He shouldn’t even be able to practice at the teams stadium like Manny has been doing.

If this were a minor leaguer, they wouldn’t be able to get a rehab assignment.

MLB, clean up this loophole and clean up the game. We don’t need to be celebrating what Manny Ramirez did.