MLB: Why Can’t I Watch the Rockies-Giants Today?

Hey MLB, why can’t I watch the Rockies-Giants game this afternoon?
You have instituted some weird national blackout of games that are scheduled before 7:00 PM EDT. Because of this inane policy, I won’t be able to watch the Rockies game.

It’s not the Rockies fault, they weren’t the one who scheduled the game. The Giants did. If you want to blackout the game in their television market, fine. But I am 1,000 miles away in Colorado and have no chance to attend the game.

Oh, and the reason you have this blackout in place is so I can watch the NY Mets vs Philadelphia on Fox. I could care less of that game.

MLB, I want to watch the Rockies game, get rid of this arcane blackout restriction so I can watch my team.

This blackout is only hurting the fans.

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