All Star Game Player Selection Reform Needed – Want Marlins Tickets? Vote 200 times for Ramirez

Want Marlins tickets? Vote 200 times for All-Stars – MLB – Yahoo! Sports.
This is quite fishy if you pardon the pun. The idea is to vote for the best players in each league to the All Star game and right now none of the Marlins seem to fit that bill.

One person who has no business being there is shortstop Hanley Ramirez and his temper tantrums about not playing.

The other surprise is another shortstop. Jimmy Rollins is in a close 2nd while he has not played most of the first-half of the season.

The All Star game is a showcase and fun, but Bud Selig has raised the stakes for the league that wins gets to have the most World Series games.

If this is to be the rule, then a better way to select team members of the respective all star teams needs to happen also.


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