MLB Baseball Rule is bad, Manny Ramirez shouldn’t be allowed to play until suspension is up

Manny Ramirez should still be sitting somewhere other than a ballpark. He was suspended back in May for 50 games and shouldn’t be playing again until July 3.
But Manny is making the rehabilitation tour and it began this week in Albuquerque. He is now making the move to the Dodgers’ High A team.

I would have to agree with Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News who says that ESPN and others shouldn’t be celebrating Ramirez’s return. He says it best, “Only in the twisted world of Major League Baseball could a serious suspension be turned into a nationally televised victory lap with a financial upside.”

Manny should be sitting and not able to go back to a minor league team to get ready for the big leagues until the 50 games are up. He shouldn’t even be able to practice at the teams stadium like Manny has been doing.

If this were a minor leaguer, they wouldn’t be able to get a rehab assignment.

MLB, clean up this loophole and clean up the game. We don’t need to be celebrating what Manny Ramirez did.

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