Major League Baseball and Colorado Rockies need to improve their online ticketing

I just want to say that Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies need to improve thier online ticketing.
The ticketing process is timing out so I am unable to purchase tickets.  I want to give them money, but their processes are preventing that from happening.

What is happening is that I am choosing tickets, but I don’t like where they put me. So I release the tickets and try again. When I try to get back in, the site times out. I can’t get tickets.

This happened to me yesterday. I was trying to get tickets and I ended up having to go to the game and wait 45 minutes in line to get tickets.

It is quite frustrating and I wish they would improve it so this stops happening.

3 Replies to “Major League Baseball and Colorado Rockies need to improve their online ticketing”

  1. I don’t know what is happening, but I couldn’t get any computer on my home network to connect. I used a wireless card to connect from my laptop and could connect. Now I can connect from any laptop. This is just weird.


  2. I’ve never had problems with it placing me well, unless you’re looking for a specific seat, section seating has always worked.
    I do agree with the complaints about the lines, though. The ticket printers at Coors Field are horrible, one of them printed me a Rockpile ticket for 40$.


  3. It is not that it wasn’t placing me well. When I would release tickets to try and get another location, it would just time out.
    I was able to get it to work, eventually. It was just a pain.


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