Major League Baseball Needs to Institute Wider Replay Soon

Baseball is a game played by humans and ruled by humans. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes humans make mistakes. When you have the technology to fix those mistakes and do it quickly, you need to start using it.
Major League Baseball instituted replay a couple years ago for home runs. The umpires go off-the-field into some unknown area and watch the play and decide if the original call was correct. I’s usually not quick but most of the time they get it right.

Well if you saw the Rockies-Brewers game on July 16, home plate umpire Cory Blaser blew a huge call, one that he should have got correct. He then made the mistake bigger by ejecting Rockies catcher Ianetta and then Rockies manager Jim Tracy.

The play was Mark Kotsay hit a ball to center field that Dexter Fowler caught and then threw a perfect one hop ball to Ianetta at the plate who tagged out Brewers Corey Hart. Or that is what we thought.

Blaser said that Hart was safe and that is what started the melee. Take a look for yourself.

I think there is a history with Blaser and Tracy. Last year, Blaser ejected Tracy after a call in the 9th inning against the Phillies.

Blaser is a young umpire who was in the correct position to make the call. He just blew it and should have had a little thicker skin with Ianetta and Tracy. He needs to apologize, move on and learn from this mistake. He sounds like he has a promising future in baseball.

While it is a game played by humans and ruled by humans. Major League Baseball needs to take into account the technology that is available to it and use it to make the game better and fair.

Vote Cargo for All Star Game!

Carlos Gonzalez is in the fan vote for the final All Star position for the National League team.  We need to get Cargo to the All Star game. He is deserving of going.
Just go to and vote for as many times as you would like. Just like you live in Chicago or New Orleans.

Cargo is currently in 4th in the balloting, so get out there and vote.

Vote Tulo for NL All Star at Shortstop

The fan voting is winding down and Tulowitzki is in third place in voting for National League All Star at Shortstop. It’s time to kick up the voting and get him ahead of Hanley Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins.
Hanley has had a decent year, but Tulo is having a great season and deserves the start this year. Rollins hasn’t even been playing most of the season because of injuries.

Let’s get the voting started and vote in Tulo!

Major League Baseball and Colorado Rockies need to improve their online ticketing

I just want to say that Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies need to improve thier online ticketing.
The ticketing process is timing out so I am unable to purchase tickets.  I want to give them money, but their processes are preventing that from happening.

What is happening is that I am choosing tickets, but I don’t like where they put me. So I release the tickets and try again. When I try to get back in, the site times out. I can’t get tickets.

This happened to me yesterday. I was trying to get tickets and I ended up having to go to the game and wait 45 minutes in line to get tickets.

It is quite frustrating and I wish they would improve it so this stops happening.

Matt Vasgersian is classless on MLB Network

I just want to say that Matt Vasgersian is a classless reporter/anchor on the MLB Network.
Tonight Brad Hawpe was beaned on a pick-off throw in the neck below the helmet. He had to be taken off on a cart with his neck immobilized. It is a serious situation.

Vasgersian was making jokes about one of the paramedics looking like a Donovan McNabb. Classless and just plain wrong. Even the color analysts thought it was pretty stupid.

An injured player is nothing to joke about, even people who are trying to help the injured player.

Vasgerisan should clean up his act, be a professional, and apolgize for his stupidity.

2009 Colorado Rockies Commercials are now out

The 2009 Colorado Rockies television commercials are now out for you to view on their website. They will begin playing on FSN Rocky Mountain, 9 News, and other Comcast cable channels on March 9.
They are hilarious, show the players in a different light, and do a good job of selling the team.

This year, my particular favorite is the wedding mound visit. It doesn’t get better than that. Watch out for the surprise at the end.

These commercials really make me laugh.

Rocky Mountain News stopped publishing but it didn’t die

The Rocky Mountain News may have ceased publishing, but it didn’t die. It still lives on at
Several of the staff have moved over here and are now publishing stories online. It looks like a great site and stories are now starting to stream in.

Here is an excerpt from their About Us Page on what they are doing.

We launched to fight for the Rocky. Through this Web site and other efforts, the staff of theRocky sought to:

  • Preserve and protect the editorial voice of the Rocky in our community.
  • Preserve and protect the legacy of the Rocky and its historical archives, which provide a window to the infancy of our state and the city of Denver.
  • Fight for the jobs of more than 200 Coloradans and the many others that would be affected by the newspaper’s closure.

The paper may not be printing anymore, but we’re still journalists and still eager to report, edit, design and do all those things that we loved to do for the newspaper. So now, will be a gathering spot for Rocky alumni and readers, bringing you the news of your favorite reporters and columnists and even a scoop of two that you might have seen on the pages of the Rocky.

While there is news, sports, and Arts and Entertainment on the I Want My Rocky site, I am particularly intrigued by a partner site called Inside the Rockies.  the fact that Tracy Ringolsby, Jack Etkin, and Steven Foster are writing about the Colorado Rockies really excites me.

Where can you get information from writers who have been covering the Colorado Rockies since before their first game in Denver and baseball longer than that. I always loved their coverage of the Rockies. It got to the point and observations of the game were made that no one else made because of their experience.

It also doesn’t hurt that Ringolsby is enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Also Drew Litton is online also. You can see his old drawings plus new ones at is site I think the cartoon he drew of Jay Cutler sucking his thumb captured the events of last weekend between Cutler and the Denver Broncos.

I look forward to reading more from I Want My Rocky, Inside the Rockies and viewing the Drew Litton editorial cartoons. They are good writers and artists. I hope you check them out too.

Baseball is back!

I just want to make a quick post and highlight that baseball is back and I am looking forward to another season.
You know spring is around the corner when spring training games start. Catchers and pitchers reporting is great, but it is even better when the games start.

I am looking forward to another season of the Colorado Rockies. It doesn’t matter where we think they will finish or how upset we are about off-season trades or acquisitions.

Every team starts out fresh and tied on opening day. Here is to another season of baseball and Go Rockies!