Umpiring in MLB Deteriorating

The Major League Baseball umpires have gone down hill in the last several years. To me, they just don’t understand the game.
There are some good examples just this weekend.

Last night, a Diamondback busted it up the line and was past the bag when the ball got there, but the umpire called him out. It was quite obvious that he was safe. Then as soon as AJ Hinch gets out there, he gets tossed.

Another example is todays New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox game. Ramon Ramirez was tossed when he hit Alex Rodriguez. There is no way Ramirez is throwing at him. The Yankees are up 2 late in the game and he is pitching inside, which a pitcher needs to be able to do.

Umpires have no idea of the flow of the game, they get caught up in the emotion and make calls they shouldn’t. Many of them have egos and feel that they never are wrong.

They need to be humble. Being a Major League Umpire is a privilege, not a right.

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