Umpiring in MLB Deteriorating

The Major League Baseball umpires have gone down hill in the last several years. To me, they just don’t understand the game.
There are some good examples just this weekend.

Last night, a Diamondback busted it up the line and was past the bag when the ball got there, but the umpire called him out. It was quite obvious that he was safe. Then as soon as AJ Hinch gets out there, he gets tossed.

Another example is todays New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox game. Ramon Ramirez was tossed when he hit Alex Rodriguez. There is no way Ramirez is throwing at him. The Yankees are up 2 late in the game and he is pitching inside, which a pitcher needs to be able to do.

Umpires have no idea of the flow of the game, they get caught up in the emotion and make calls they shouldn’t. Many of them have egos and feel that they never are wrong.

They need to be humble. Being a Major League Umpire is a privilege, not a right.

Rockies win a wild one, win 18-17

The Colorado Rockies won a wild one and had fireworks before the fireworks show at Coors Field tonight.  They came from 9 runs down to beat the Florida Marlins 18-17.
This was an amazing game.  The Rockies were down 7-1, 13-5, and 17-12 to win.

Coors Field is known for some crazy games, but this one was just crazy.  The pitching was horrid on both sides, but that might be the offenses were just amazing.  Lodo magic was in full-force.

Let’s hope this will carry the Rockies forward and propel them back into the race to win the NL West.  No other team in the National League West wants to take over.

Go Rockies!

Why you need to pay attention at baseball games…

Woman gets stitches after Taveras’ foul ball nails her in face
This is the perfect example of why you need to pay attention when you are at a baseball game. A women sitting behind first base took a foul ball on the chin from Willy Taveras of the Colorado Rockies.

She was checked out at the ballparks first aid station and then taken to the hospital for stitches.

This is why when you are at the baseball game you need to pay attention and possibly take a glove. Balls are coming off that bat extremely fast and have spin on them.

Major League Baseball does its best to protect fans, but it can’t do everything.

A good day for Colorado sports

Well it was a good day for two of the professional sports teams in Colorado, the Colorado Avalanche and the Colorado Rockies.
The Colorado Avalanche came back from a 2-0 deficit to score four straight goals to defeat the Vancouver Canucks 4-2 to clinch a spot in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Peter Forsberg scored his first goal of the season and they looked pretty good through the second half of the game.

The Colorado Rockies had a re-do and beat the St. Louis Cardinals 2-1.   The original opener was rained out after the St. Louis Cardinals had opened up a 5-1 lead.  Thank goodness for the rain.

Let’s hope the good news continues for these two teams as the spring continues on and into the fall for the Rockies.

Congrats to the Red Sox

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on winning the 2007 World Series.
They played the best baseball throughout this Series and deserved to win.

The Colorado Rockies had a wonderful season and fought to the end.  I think this is only the beginning of a wonderful run for the Colorado Rockies.  They have good base of players, a good minor league system, and a good future.

See you in April.  Go Rockies!