Rockies – Tickets are selling

Well according to a press conference the Rockies just had, the World Series tickets are selling, just slowly.
It would be interesting to hear of people who are actually getting tickets, because I am not seeing anyone who has actually got tickets say they have tickets.

Well, I will keep checking and let me know what you are experiencing during this mad and slow dash to find World Series Tickets.

3 Replies to “Rockies – Tickets are selling”

  1. Well, what concerns me is that the countdown page says not to refresh the page or you’ll be sent to the back of the line, but after it counts to 1, then it sits for 5 minutes or so, then displays page not found, am i to believe that the page will reload after some minutes? i’m not seeing that happen, so do I try again?
    They really dropped the ball on this one. I think its quite funny though, and I hope that there are many empty seats at Coors Field for the WS.


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