Rockies Tickets, anyone?

Rockies tickets, anyone?
This is a great opinion column in today’s Rocky Mountain News that addresses the ethics of what the Rockies did and how the Rockies handled distributed tickets.

From a business and public relations standpoint, the Rockies messed up.  They limited the tickets to a few who could get in to the computer system.  It created a lot of unhappy people.

From what I understand what happened, once people got in to purchase tickets, they could stay in there and purchase tickets.  This alienated many of the Rockies fans who for some reason were unable to get in. Continue reading “Rockies Tickets, anyone?”

Rockies World Series Tickets, Was It A Malicious Attack?

I am beginning to have more and more questions about whether it was a malicious attack that brought down the Paciolan servers on Monday when the Colorado Rockies World Series Tickets went on sale Monday, October 22.
Here are some questions/points that are leading me to believe that Paciolan is covering up their failure to anticipate the server load that descended upon them.

  1. The contract that they have with Major League Baseball and their 700 other clients is probably huge.  They wouldn’t want to risk failing on a task as big as this and risk losing their contract.
  2. In July, 2007, they announced that they have reached an agreement with Ticketmaster to be acquired.  Paciolan would not want to risk anything that would jeopardize that agreement.  The sale to Ticketmaster probably brought a lot of money to the founders and investors of Paciolan.
  3. A lot of people were trying to get tickets.  They say that 8.5 million hits were made against their server in 90 minutes that the tickets were on sale.  In looking at the interest in these tickets and the problems that everyone was having, this is not that far-fetched. Continue reading “Rockies World Series Tickets, Was It A Malicious Attack?”

Tickets, None for me

Well I have been trying for over two hours and I am lost in an endless loop and no World Series tickets.  This system is not working.
I would like to know who is getting tickets.  I never get to the server.  People are getting tickets and then trying again and getting tickets again.  Why can’t I connect to the server?

It keeps trying after 120 seconds and then tries again.  I never get to the server.  I feel like I have wasted my time and just extremely upset with MLB and whatever, so-called ticket company is doing this sale.

I should have been able to connect to the server once in two hours.  According to the Rocky Mountain News, about 55,000 tickets were sold by 2 pm.

Rockies – Tickets are selling

Well according to a press conference the Rockies just had, the World Series tickets are selling, just slowly.
It would be interesting to hear of people who are actually getting tickets, because I am not seeing anyone who has actually got tickets say they have tickets.

Well, I will keep checking and let me know what you are experiencing during this mad and slow dash to find World Series Tickets.

World Series Tickets – Round 2 (Failure Again)

Well round 2 is underway and it is not going much better. In looking at comments on the Denver Post website, people are unable to get through. Those that do get through, kicked when they are trying to purchase tickets.
It is a system that is totally inept and failing. The people that are to blame for this is Major League Baseball. They are the ones who took this sale over from the Rockies and are using a system that does not work.

Heads should roll at MLB and Paciolan Inc.

I was in favor of trying to do online only for tickets.  Now I am thinking that this should have been done in a different matter.  I keep getting the endless countdown loop and every so often it freezes.  It is worthless for me to keep trying and I am not holding out hope that I will get tickets.

Rockies: Attack caused system outage

9NEWS – Rockies: Attack caused system outage
A malicious cyber attack is what caused the server outage today when I was trying to purchase World Series Tickets.  It was a crazy day trying to get those.

After all the frustrations I had today and getting all the facts, I still think that selling them online today is the way to go.  I think that MLB and the company that runs the ticket sells, Paciolan Inc., needs to be prepared for another attack.

Otherwise, I think that there will be a lot more frustration and less forgiveness the second time around.

World Series Tickets – Server Crashed

Well the server has stopped responding and I am unable to get in and try and get World Series Tickets.  Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies have sure screwed this one up.
Despite assurances that they wouldn’t have any problems, they are having major problems and the servers have crashed.  Not Good!

World Series ticket sales suspended

9NEWS – Top News Article – World Series ticket sales suspended
I have been trying to login for a while and couldn’t get in.  The servers were getting slammed, but they should have expected this.  I am hoping to get another shot when they come back online.

I love the Rockies and would love to see them in person.  But the problems that they are having were expected and should have been handled.  This is not an excuse.  I am glad that only a few hundred have been sold and I will still have a chance.

Rockies Selling World Series Tickets The Right Way

The Colorado Rockies are getting grief for only selling tickets on the Internet.  But for me, this is the right way to do it.
In an article in the Rocky Mountain News, Some fans cry foul over ticket plan, Rockies fans were complaining that scalpers are going to get most of the tickets.

But I disagree.  Scalpers are going to have the same chance to get the tickets as the general fan.  In fact, the way MLB has the ticket sites set up, I think they have less of a chance because they are not going to be able to use the automated software to get them.

The scalpers would be able to have people stand in line just the same as going on line.  But this way prevents people wasting time in line and gives people an equal chance of getting a ticket to the game.

I will be online at 10 AM MDT trying to get my ticket.