Rockies Tickets, anyone?

Rockies tickets, anyone?
This is a great opinion column in today’s Rocky Mountain News that addresses the ethics of what the Rockies did and how the Rockies handled distributed tickets.

From a business and public relations standpoint, the Rockies messed up.  They limited the tickets to a few who could get in to the computer system.  It created a lot of unhappy people.

From what I understand what happened, once people got in to purchase tickets, they could stay in there and purchase tickets.  This alienated many of the Rockies fans who for some reason were unable to get in.

The article concludes that fair way is to have people submit to a lottery and purchase a limited number of tickets.  The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox used this method this year and it seems fair.  The Boston Red Sox used the lottery and allowed the  winners to purchase two tickets to a game.

I think the lottery will be the best way to go next time.  It gives everyone an equal chance to get a ticket to the games.  Hopefully the Rockies will learn from this and make improvements when the Rockies make it back.

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