World Series Tickets – Server Crashed

Well the server has stopped responding and I am unable to get in and try and get World Series Tickets.  Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies have sure screwed this one up.
Despite assurances that they wouldn’t have any problems, they are having major problems and the servers have crashed.  Not Good!

6 Replies to “World Series Tickets – Server Crashed”

  1. What a joke! I know +15 people trying to get in from different parts of the country (and even the UK) and all have the same problem.
    Lets hope MLB holds someone accountable…


  2. Yep, definitely crashed, though there’s an article in this morning’s Daily Camera and News with a quote from that a crash simple isn’t possible. Maybe I’m reading my computer incorrectly then..There are only 4 servers between my computer and the MLB server, and only 1 is still responding..
    I’m sad to hear that so many have already gone to ticket brokers – rock-pile seats already being scalped for $5,510.


  3. Hey there: I can’t even get past the “Unable to Connect” page. I know some of my friends are at least getting back to the countdown page but not I….anyone else? Anyone? Bueller?


  4. Myself and 20 other people here in Denver,OK and TX have been trying nonstop to get ticks…none have had any luck.
    What a mess…


  5. I am in Philadelphia for a conference and I am trying to use my wireless broadband card and I am getting the message that they say it is blocked. What am I to do? This is stupid and crazy. They are penalizing people and restricting their access to get tickets. I feel discriminated against because of my ip address and connection.
    It is now more than 2 hours after they went on sell and I can’t even connect. Great Job MLB and Rockies.


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