Rockies World Series Tickets, Was It A Malicious Attack?

I am beginning to have more and more questions about whether it was a malicious attack that brought down the Paciolan servers on Monday when the Colorado Rockies World Series Tickets went on sale Monday, October 22.
Here are some questions/points that are leading me to believe that Paciolan is covering up their failure to anticipate the server load that descended upon them.

  1. The contract that they have with Major League Baseball and their 700 other clients is probably huge.  They wouldn’t want to risk failing on a task as big as this and risk losing their contract.
  2. In July, 2007, they announced that they have reached an agreement with Ticketmaster to be acquired.  Paciolan would not want to risk anything that would jeopardize that agreement.  The sale to Ticketmaster probably brought a lot of money to the founders and investors of Paciolan.
  3. A lot of people were trying to get tickets.  They say that 8.5 million hits were made against their server in 90 minutes that the tickets were on sale.  In looking at the interest in these tickets and the problems that everyone was having, this is not that far-fetched.

There were even problems on Tuesday when we had Round 2.   The Denver Post had a story on the numerous problems that fans faced.

Many fans were faced with the ever loop of the 120 second count-down timer.  I think that was the most viewed page in Denver on Tuesday.  Some fans who were able to get in, couldn’t get to the screen to pay for their tickets and then lost them.  This in inexcusable.

And there are stories of people getting through several times.  In fact, on Fox31 News (see video story on this site) following the game tonight a lady was able to get in and get four tickets to each game.  I know it is a crap shoot, but with so many people not being able to get in and the same people able to get in three or four times is crazy.

The Boston Red Sox had a lottery with everyone who wanted to.  Those selected had an opportunity to purchase two and only two tickets to a game.  This is a lot better than four tickets at a time for any of the three games, some got all the games.

I think the Attorney General of Colorado needs to start an independent investigation the problems and issues that Colorado Rockies fans faced trying to purchase tickets.  The Colorado Rockies are here and playing in Coors Field only because of the baseball fans in the Rocky Mountain Region and the taxpayers of the Denver Metro Area.  We are owed the truth.

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