Rockies Go Down 2 Games to 0 in the World Series

Well the Colorado Rockies went down 2 games to 0 losing to the Boston Red Sox tonight in Game 2 of the World Series.
The Rockies are now making the mental errors, almost trying to hard.  You could see that in the Top of the eighth when Matt Holliday got picked off first base.  They are also horrible with runners in scoring position.  I think something like 1-12.  This is something that they did quite well in the previous two series.

But tonight I think the umpiring was working against them also.  Laz Diaz, the homeplate umpire, had a lot bigger strike zone for the Red Sox than he did for the Rockies.  This was especially true for the right-handed hitters of the Rockies.

Several times Diaz called a strike that was several inches off the plate or high in the strike zone.  The Rockies never got those pitches called a strike.

The game changes a lot for Game 3 on Saturday night when the Red Sox have to play National League Baseball and sit one of their hot bats.  I think that it will be a different game.  Rockies will win Game 3.

Go Rockies!

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