World Series Tickets – Round 2 (Failure Again)

Well round 2 is underway and it is not going much better. In looking at comments on the Denver Post website, people are unable to get through. Those that do get through, kicked when they are trying to purchase tickets.
It is a system that is totally inept and failing. The people that are to blame for this is Major League Baseball. They are the ones who took this sale over from the Rockies and are using a system that does not work.

Heads should roll at MLB and Paciolan Inc.

I was in favor of trying to do online only for tickets.  Now I am thinking that this should have been done in a different matter.  I keep getting the endless countdown loop and every so often it freezes.  It is worthless for me to keep trying and I am not holding out hope that I will get tickets.

2 Replies to “World Series Tickets – Round 2 (Failure Again)”

  1. I too am embarrassed and a bit disgusted with how the ticket sales for the Rockies world series home games went (as many of you are). Right now there is no real way to let Rockies management know how disappointed it’s fans are with how the whole thing has been handled. Here is my idea: every Rockies fan boycott next seasons first nationally televised homegame. Simply don’t attend. This will hurt both the rockies managements ego and their pocketbooks. We’ll have to wait for the 2008 schedule to come out before we find out if this game will be opening day or not (if so, plans might need to be changed) but regardless, if enough people do this, it’ll let rockies management know how upset us true rockies fans are. What do you think? Another website to check out is Crashtober if you are interested in trying to do something about it.


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