I am disappointed in the Colorado Rockies…

I just want to say that I am disappointed in the management of the Colorado Rockies.  They failed to show committment to winning to their players and most importantly their fans.
Why? Who knows, we may never know.

The reason? Because they failed to sign Matt Holliday to a long-term deal and traded him away to the Oakland Athletics.

Matt Holliday is a big-time, major league player whose type only comes along every once in a while.  They should have made every effort to sign him.

The Rockies did get three players in return from the Athletics. One is a left-handed starting pitcher who struggled last year, but in looking at the offense of the A’s, it is no wonder he struggled.  The second is a reliever who struggled last year and may be on the downward trend.  And third is a prospect who may develop into a great player, but who has struggled at the major league.

Matt Holliday is gone and I wish him well.  But the Rockies management is to blame and should be held accountable.

The fans came out and showed support that was unrivaled except for the first couple of years.  The Rockies management had a chance to show their fans they were committed to winning, but they just blew them off.

We’ll see next summer how it pays off.  I hope it is good, but I am doubtful.

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