Why the Denver Broncos won’t win another game…

The reason that the Denver Broncos won’t win another game is that they can’t play defense. No ands, ifs, or buts about it.
A perfect example is late in the game today when the Broncos scored to pull within two points.  The defense then gave up a 80 yard, over eight minute drive and Miami scored a touchdown.

Not that I don’t want them to lose the rest of their games, they just won’t do it.

They keep getting dominated on every aspect of the game, especially defense.  They are just horrid and there is no reason why they should be leading the AFC west.

I doubt they will be leading it at the end of the season.

The defense has been horrid for many years, despite new coaches, schemes, and players. But it comes to down to one person.

That one person is Shanahan and it is time for him to retire and leave the game.  He has been here a long time and his lack of winning is growing quite old.

It will be a long season and many more long seasons unless he leaves.

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