How can people still support the Oakland Raiders when they have abandoned the city twice?

I really want to know why people are still going to games in Oakland to watch the Oakland Raiders play? Seriously!

Not only have they announced they are moving, they have basically said they don’t care about the city or the people who live there. They are moving away from Oakland a second time.

For those of you who may be unaware, the Oakland Raiders have announced that they are leaving for Las Vegas who gave them a sweet deal on a new stadium. This is even when the Raiders could not fill the stadium they are currently playing in. It will probably end up like the home stadium the Los Angeles Chargers are playing in, being dominated by the visiting fans and not the home team.

The Oakland Raiders first left Oakland in 1982, defying the National Football League, abandoning their fans. Up until this point, I was a die-hard Raiders fan. I would go to the games with my grandfather, who had season tickets. I would emulate the players in the backyard. I had all the gear. I even had the pleasure of attending the 1976 AFC Championship game between the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers. What a game and experience.

After that, I was done with the Raiders and the rest of my family. The Raiders even had the gall to call my grandfather when they were moving back to Oakland in 1995 and he told them where to put the tickets. After the abandoned us that first time, I was done with the Raiders.

It was once a great franchise, but it was run into the ground by the Davis family who has no loyalty to anyone. If you believe they do, then you are mistaken.

They are now leaving Oakland for a second time and I think their fans need to ask themselves, why in the hell to I still root for a team that gives a crap about me.

If you are a fan of the Raiders, please let me know why you support a team that does not care about you.

Metrodome won’t be ready for Vikings game; Snow removal started at TCF Bank Stadium – ESPN

Metrodome won’t be ready for Vikings game; Snow removal started at TCF Bank Stadium – ESPN.
I’m glad the NFL has come to their senses and will allow the game to be played at TCF field. There will be challenges, but this is the best option and an option that should have been used for the game last Monday night.

Here’s to an outside NFL game in Minnesota. It’s about time!

The NFL Should Have Kept the Vikings-Giants Game in Minnesota

The NFL should not have moved the Vikings-Giants football game this evening from Minneapolis to Detorit. They had a perfectly good option at TCF, the football home of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.
If you didn’t know, the Metrodome (the home of the Vikings) inflatable roof collapsed Sunday morning under a bunch of snow. It is unplayable.

By moving the game, the NFL is taking the game away from the true Vikings fans and moving it to one of their hated rivals in the NFC North, the Detroit Lions.

There goes the home field advantage an NFL team usually enjoys. They are giving the tickets away to the game, first-come, first-served.

The NFL could have just as easily kept the game in the Twin Cities, played the game outside at the University of Minnesota and kept the game in front of Vikings fans.

Come on NFL, stop ruining the game.

Kansas City Chiefs Todd Haley needs to get over himself…

At the end of this afternoons game, Kansas City Chiefs Todd Haley refused to shake Todd McDaniels hand. Instead he choose to lecture McDaniels for some reason.
A reporter for the Kansas City Star summarized that it was probably because the Broncos kept their starters in and running up the score. He said that KC pulled its starters in the game in Denver last year after blowing out the Broncos.

If that is the case, Haley has no justification for that. The score was 35-0 towards the end of the second-half and the Chiefs scored 10 points before half-time. In the second half the Broncos only score 14 more points while the Chiefs score 19 points, including trying onside kicks when you usually don’t expect them.

There was a couple opportunities at the end of the game where the Broncos would have probably tried a FG, but the punted on the first one from the KC 36 yard line and then tried to go for it on fourth and 4 from the 32 yard line of KC.

That is not running up the score. The way the game was going, the Broncos could have put a lot more points up.

It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this, but in my opinion Todd Haley was way off base and needs to channel his frustration over the last two losses and work to improve his team.

The Indianapolis Colts screwed up

The Indianappolis Colts screwed up their perfect season and screwed up the playoff race for other teams.
They owed it to their players to go out and grab that perfect season that only one other team has managed to do in the enitre history of the NFL.

They also owed it to their fans to go out and win. Their fans pay a lot of money to go see their team play. They don’t pay to watch reserves go out and stink up the field and lose.

Additionally, they were playing a team who still was fighting for a playoff berth with other teams. The Colts owed it to those teams to go out there and play with their best players to try and beat the Jets.

Becuase the pulled Manning and other top starters, the Jets were able to pull out a win and bring themselves back into the playoff race.

It will be interesting to see if this hurts the Colts as they head into the playoffs. Will they lose their edge and swagger? If they do they will have tpo answer a bunch of questions.

Right now I have completely lost the respect I had for their organization.

Why the Denver Broncos won’t win another game…

The reason that the Denver Broncos won’t win another game is that they can’t play defense. No ands, ifs, or buts about it.
A perfect example is late in the game today when the Broncos scored to pull within two points.  The defense then gave up a 80 yard, over eight minute drive and Miami scored a touchdown.

Not that I don’t want them to lose the rest of their games, they just won’t do it.

They keep getting dominated on every aspect of the game, especially defense.  They are just horrid and there is no reason why they should be leading the AFC west.

I doubt they will be leading it at the end of the season.

The defense has been horrid for many years, despite new coaches, schemes, and players. But it comes to down to one person.

That one person is Shanahan and it is time for him to retire and leave the game.  He has been here a long time and his lack of winning is growing quite old.

It will be a long season and many more long seasons unless he leaves.

RMN: Borderline Calls leave Broncos steamed

Denver Broncos – Borderline Calls Leave Broncos Steamed.
I think Dre Bly said it best,

“But, hey, the first couple games, I guess they’ve been evaluating us and said, you know, we won games we shouldn’t have won so I guess they’re going to get a call against us.”

On the long third down, which the Broncos had stopped the Jaguars, Bly had the perfect outside position and Jaguars receiver Reggie Williams ran him over. Williams made the contact, not Bly.

Then on a crucial play on the Jaguars last drive, Manual was called for pass interference by an official who was blocked by the play. He couldn’t see if there was contact or not.

But he made the call anyway.  There was an official in front of him who didn’t throw the flag and probably had a better angle on it.

Oh well. The Broncos benefitted from some calls earlier this year. I guess this is a way for the NFL and the officials to make up those calls to the rest of the league.

Hochuli to fans: “I failed miserably”

Hochuli to fans: “I failed miserably” – The Denver Post
The San Diego Charger fans need to leave it alone. Ed Hochuli has admitted he made a mistake and has moved on.

The rantings of Charger fans are not going to change the call or the outcome of the game. The Denver Broncos won the game.

I think the Charger fans should be more upset at their defense who failed to stop the Broncos on two attempts to get a touchdown and who failed to stop them when they went for two.

Hochuli is showing a lot of class in responding to emails that he is receiving from Charger fans. It is time to see some class from the Charger fans.