Kansas City Chiefs Todd Haley needs to get over himself…

At the end of this afternoons game, Kansas City Chiefs Todd Haley refused to shake Todd McDaniels hand. Instead he choose to lecture McDaniels for some reason.
A reporter for the Kansas City Star summarized that it was probably because the Broncos kept their starters in and running up the score. He said that KC pulled its starters in the game in Denver last year after blowing out the Broncos.

If that is the case, Haley has no justification for that. The score was 35-0 towards the end of the second-half and the Chiefs scored 10 points before half-time. In the second half the Broncos only score 14 more points while the Chiefs score 19 points, including trying onside kicks when you usually don’t expect them.

There was a couple opportunities at the end of the game where the Broncos would have probably tried a FG, but the punted on the first one from the KC 36 yard line and then tried to go for it on fourth and 4 from the 32 yard line of KC.

That is not running up the score. The way the game was going, the Broncos could have put a lot more points up.

It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this, but in my opinion Todd Haley was way off base and needs to channel his frustration over the last two losses and work to improve his team.

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