The Indianapolis Colts screwed up

The Indianappolis Colts screwed up their perfect season and screwed up the playoff race for other teams.
They owed it to their players to go out and grab that perfect season that only one other team has managed to do in the enitre history of the NFL.

They also owed it to their fans to go out and win. Their fans pay a lot of money to go see their team play. They don’t pay to watch reserves go out and stink up the field and lose.

Additionally, they were playing a team who still was fighting for a playoff berth with other teams. The Colts owed it to those teams to go out there and play with their best players to try and beat the Jets.

Becuase the pulled Manning and other top starters, the Jets were able to pull out a win and bring themselves back into the playoff race.

It will be interesting to see if this hurts the Colts as they head into the playoffs. Will they lose their edge and swagger? If they do they will have tpo answer a bunch of questions.

Right now I have completely lost the respect I had for their organization.

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