How can people still support the Oakland Raiders when they have abandoned the city twice?

I really want to know why people are still going to games in Oakland to watch the Oakland Raiders play? Seriously!

Not only have they announced they are moving, they have basically said they don’t care about the city or the people who live there. They are moving away from Oakland a second time.

For those of you who may be unaware, the Oakland Raiders have announced that they are leaving for Las Vegas who gave them a sweet deal on a new stadium. This is even when the Raiders could not fill the stadium they are currently playing in. It will probably end up like the home stadium the Los Angeles Chargers are playing in, being dominated by the visiting fans and not the home team.

The Oakland Raiders first left Oakland in 1982, defying the National Football League, abandoning their fans. Up until this point, I was a die-hard Raiders fan. I would go to the games with my grandfather, who had season tickets. I would emulate the players in the backyard. I had all the gear. I even had the pleasure of attending the 1976 AFC Championship game between the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers. What a game and experience.

After that, I was done with the Raiders and the rest of my family. The Raiders even had the gall to call my grandfather when they were moving back to Oakland in 1995 and he told them where to put the tickets. After the abandoned us that first time, I was done with the Raiders.

It was once a great franchise, but it was run into the ground by the Davis family who has no loyalty to anyone. If you believe they do, then you are mistaken.

They are now leaving Oakland for a second time and I think their fans need to ask themselves, why in the hell to I still root for a team that gives a crap about me.

If you are a fan of the Raiders, please let me know why you support a team that does not care about you.

The Indianapolis Colts screwed up

The Indianappolis Colts screwed up their perfect season and screwed up the playoff race for other teams.
They owed it to their players to go out and grab that perfect season that only one other team has managed to do in the enitre history of the NFL.

They also owed it to their fans to go out and win. Their fans pay a lot of money to go see their team play. They don’t pay to watch reserves go out and stink up the field and lose.

Additionally, they were playing a team who still was fighting for a playoff berth with other teams. The Colts owed it to those teams to go out there and play with their best players to try and beat the Jets.

Becuase the pulled Manning and other top starters, the Jets were able to pull out a win and bring themselves back into the playoff race.

It will be interesting to see if this hurts the Colts as they head into the playoffs. Will they lose their edge and swagger? If they do they will have tpo answer a bunch of questions.

Right now I have completely lost the respect I had for their organization.

Travis Henry decision due soon

The Rocky Mountain News has a story on their website that the NFL is expected to make a decision on today on whether they are going to suspend Travis Henry for violating the leagues substance abuse policy.
According to the article, part of Henry’s appeal to the league is “… was that the threshold of what was detected was too low to be anything except second-hand inhalation.”

For a NFL player facing a suspension for the next violation, or a NFL player in general, to put himself in a situation where people are smoking marijuana is stupid.  Just plain stupid.

If he gets cleared, it will be a lucky break for Henry.  But, for me, the Broncos should look seriously if they want a player like Henry around.