The College Football Rankings and BCS are Screwed up

I just want to say what many people are saying, the BCS system is screwed up. Big time!
Nothing illustrates that more than USC and Oregon. Last week, Oregon blew out, just dominated the University of Southern California. Everyone agreed. But this week USC struggles against Arizona State and Oregon goes and loses to Stanford.

What happens today when the polls come out? USC is now ranked in 9th spot and Oregon is ranked in 13th. Shouldn’t two teams with the same number of loses come down to the head-to-head match-up? Oregon should be ahead of the Trojans.

The BCS is made to determine the top two teams to play for a National Championship. The mid-majors who are not in one of the BCS leagues don’t have a chance for playing in that game. TCU and BSU are those teams this year.

In fact, one of those teams will probably be left out of the who BCS bowls.

It is time that the NCAA take control and develop a playoff system like the other football divisions. You can still have the bowls later, but until we start playing a true playoff system, we won’t have a true national champion.

The schools deserve this, and above all, the fans of college football deserve it.

Idaho and Boise State renew rivalry

The University of Idaho and Boise State renew their rivalry this weekend.  After Idaho dominating the series for 13 straight games in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s, Boise State has taken over and dominated the series since the late 1990’s.
What will the score be?

Everyone is down on Idaho, but I they have been playing a lot better lately.  They have been controllling the clock and the defense has been getting some pressure.

But despite all this and all my wishes, I don’t think Idaho will be able to win this game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be rooting my heart out for the Vandals.

My prediction, Idaho 31 – Boise State 38.

But I hope it is the other way.

University of Arizona football a model for bad sportsmanship

I just want to say that the University of Arizona football team will get theirs sometime this season.  They are the perfect model for bad sportsmanship.
This Saturday, they are playing the University of Idaho in Tucson.  I will be the first to say that Idaho was over-matched in this game.  No doubt about that.

As the favorite you want to beat your opponent, but you don’t want to embarrass them.  But at the end of the second half, Arizona got the ball on their 45 yard-line with about 39 seconds to go.  At this time, they had a 35-0 lead.

They then proceeded to air the ball out and call time outs and scored a touchdown with four seconds left.

You just don’t do that.  You take a knew or run a couple of running plays.  As I said, you don’t embarrass the opponent.

Now you are probably saying that Idaho should stop them and if they can’t, then so be it.  But that is not sportsmanship.

Stoops and the University of Arizona showed their true character tonight, they don’t have any.  I hope when they get to the Pac 10 league schedule, they get their throats stomped on and embarrassed.

I don’t usually root for USC, but they play Arizona in Tucson and will definitely be rooting for the men of Troy.

Bobby Bowden should be fired

You can see what type of football program that Bobby Bowden is running at Florida State. One that is full of selfish players who only care about themselves and not the team or the game.
First of all, there is the cheating scandal and 36 players not traveling to the Music City Bowl in Nashville. Most of those players not traveling were from the cheating scandal.

Then during the first-half tonight, FSU intercepted a ball and ran it back for a touchdown. But instead of running it in for a touchdown, he decided to flip into the endzone. This is just plain stupid and dangerous.

And it is an automatic 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty. To make matters worse, a Florida State player threw the flag back at the official. Another 15-yard penalty. So instead of kicking-off from the 30-yard line, they kicked off from the 7.5 yard line.

This has been indicative of Florida State Football for quite some time. It has finally caught up with Florida State.

I hope they get killed by Kentucky in the second half and their long-term decline continues.

Idaho Loses to Boise State

The University of Idaho showed courage and strength but a fumble on the opening drive of the second half deflated the Vandals and couldn’t recover losing to the Boise State Broncos 58-14.
The Broncos are good, but not that good, and benefited from some questionable calls.  But took advantage of Idaho mistakes and inactivity on field.  Teams that win, do that.  BSU will have a tough game next week against the Hawaii Rainbows.

If you check out the comments on the Idaho Statesman, you can really see how classless and pathetic the Bronco fans are.

ESPN – Pac-10 reprimands officials in UW-OSU game – College Football

ESPN – Pac-10 reprimands officials in UW-OSU game – College Football
The Pac-10 has reprimanded the replay official and officiating crew for their actions during the Oregon State – Washington game last Saturday.

I spoke about it in an earlier post, Pac-10 Officials blow it again.

I think the Pac-10 took the necessary action and hopefully that replay officials and officiating crews will learn and get better.  The Pac-10 is the premier league in college football and they need officiating crews that are top notch also.

Pac-10 Officials blow it again

Well, the Pac-10 officials blew a call and it almost cost the Oregon State Beavers a football game against the Washington Huskies.
Oregon State was marching it down the field and just outside the goal line, Yvenson Marven Barnard was clearly down by contact and lost the football as he was trying to reach out for the goal.

But the officials let the play go on and a Washington safety picked up the ball and returned it to the 40 yard-line. The replay official never stopped the game and since the Beavers were out of time outs, they could not challenge they call.

The Huskies eventually gave the ball on downs at the Beavers 25 yard-line.

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The Fall of Nebraska Cornhusker Football Continues, YES!

The fall of the Nebraska Cornhuskers continues. At the end of the second quarter they have allowed Kansas to put 48 points on them. That is amazing. Who would have thought that they would have fallen so far.
They are going to have a tough time making a bowl game this year. They are now 4-5 on the season and have if they lose this game they will be 4-6. They will have to win the two remaining games, home against Kansas State and on the road at Colorado. Two tough games against teams that are a lot better than they are. My bet, 4-8 finish for the Cornhuskers.

They should have known better than to hire Bill Callahan as a coach. He was a failure with the Oakland Raiders and is now with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He will certainly be fired as the coach after this season. Continue reading “The Fall of Nebraska Cornhusker Football Continues, YES!”