University of Arizona football a model for bad sportsmanship

I just want to say that the University of Arizona football team will get theirs sometime this season.  They are the perfect model for bad sportsmanship.
This Saturday, they are playing the University of Idaho in Tucson.  I will be the first to say that Idaho was over-matched in this game.  No doubt about that.

As the favorite you want to beat your opponent, but you don’t want to embarrass them.  But at the end of the second half, Arizona got the ball on their 45 yard-line with about 39 seconds to go.  At this time, they had a 35-0 lead.

They then proceeded to air the ball out and call time outs and scored a touchdown with four seconds left.

You just don’t do that.  You take a knew or run a couple of running plays.  As I said, you don’t embarrass the opponent.

Now you are probably saying that Idaho should stop them and if they can’t, then so be it.  But that is not sportsmanship.

Stoops and the University of Arizona showed their true character tonight, they don’t have any.  I hope when they get to the Pac 10 league schedule, they get their throats stomped on and embarrassed.

I don’t usually root for USC, but they play Arizona in Tucson and will definitely be rooting for the men of Troy.

11 Replies to “University of Arizona football a model for bad sportsmanship”

  1. That is an educated comment!
    The only reason they were scoring that many points was an inferior coach is on the hot seat. He needs to prove something this year to keep his job.
    Yes, Idaho was overmatched and played horribly, but they shouldn’t have run up the score like that.
    They will get theirs all-in-due-time.


  2. That Arizona coach deserves EVERY butt kicking they are gonna get this season. Yes, Idaho was overmatched…yes, you want to beat your opponent…I just hope that EVERY PAC-10 schools is gunning for AZ and stomps the crap out of them. Stoops you STOOPED way too low!!!


  3. I’m wondering how Arizona is “going to get theirs”. The Cats have finished in the lower echelon of the Pac 10 for the last 9 years and has been habitually manhandled by almost every decent they have ever played in the last decade. How could it get any worse? How can Stoops be taught more of a lesson? Arizona has been “Getting theirs” for the last decade and I’m ready for a change. If Arizona decides to make a statement out of playing Idaho I’m all for it. If Idaho can’t play against a 3rd tier squad without scoring a single field goal maybe they should reconsider football as a sport at their school instead of looking for solice from disgruntled fans who are sore from the loss not from the sportsmanship.


  4. Idaho played horrible and deserved to lose, and I said that. But you don’t run up the score, especially at the end of the half.
    They were up 42-0 and then run a 2-minute drill with time outs to get another score.
    That is bad sportsmanship.


  5. If idaho can’t compete then they shouldn’t play. These pre-conference games are to prepare you for the season and you should play at the best of your game. Don’t blame Arizona for doing what they were suppose to do. Stop your wineing and play the game.


  6. If they were u 42 to nothing with two minutes to go, how did they end up winning 70 to nothing. Arizona had their second string in for the third quarter and the rest of the bench for the fourth. You can’t fault the third stringers for wanting to play hard. They are trying to earn playing time too. That being said, I don’t understand your claim that the Wildcats scored 4 touchdowns on one two-minute drill. Arizona could have easily hung 100 on poor Idaho but Stoops called off the horses. He shouldn’t have.


  7. Maybe next year. I guess if you consider the refs at the Vegas bowl, they did get “theirs”, but overcame the challenge. I agree with your take on the game, but also have to appreciate that they can’t roll over. Every contest is an opportunity to practice plans. I guess they got carried away.


  8. Idaho knew what they were getting into, nevermind the fact that they were paid nearly a million dollars to come down and get their butts kicked. Arizona has gotten beat very bad by many top tier teams the last few years and every know and then all a team needs to get on their feet is to blow out a lower tier team!!!!


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