SEC commissioner Greg Sankey says UCF Knights should fix strength of schedule issue

I doubt many in the Big 5 will schedule UCF. All of the other divisions in college football have figured out a national championship. The FBS schools can too.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said that instead of blaming others, UCF should fix what is keeping the Knights out of the College Football Playoff by addressing the strength-of-schedule issue.
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What a crazy day in college football

Today was a weird but fun day in college football.

  • Alabama showed that it was the best team in the Nation with a huge win over Arkansas.
  • The Football Championship Series and lower conference teams show they can play with the big boys with Western Kentucky beating Kentucky, Utah State should have beat Wisconsin, and University of Louisiana Monroe taking Auburn to OT.
  • Football sucks in Colorado. The university of Colorado got killed by Fresno State. They were down 55-7 at half. That is just embarrassing. Colorado State lost to future Mountain West Conference foe San Jose State.
  • Its not good in Wyoming either who lost to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo at home. A team from sea level coming to play at 7,000+ feet.
  • …and my team the Idaho Vandals going into Death Valley and hanging with the LSU Tigers for a half before bring out gunned.

College football is fun and I can’t wait until next week. You never know what will happen.

The Mountain West Conference and Western Athletic Conference Should Merge

With all this conference re-alignment going on, the time has come for the Mountain West Conference and Western Athletic Conference to merge and become one 16 team conference.
This is how it could break-down.

Eastern (Rocky Mountain)
Louisiana Tech
New Mexico State
New Mexico
Air Force
Colorado State
Utah State

Western (Sierra)
San Diego State
Fresno State
San Jose State
Boise State
Hawaii (Denver)

The invitations to Texas State and UTSA are on hold depending if LA Tech goes to Conference USA and if TCU heads to the Big East. Hawaii is football only with the remaining teams in the Big West. Denver can take over the other sports left by Hawaii and swap with Utah State in the divisions for the other sports. This will build on the rivalries that already exist in Colorado.

This gives you seven division games plus a rotating game with the other division. It preserves rivalries and shortened travel. This is important because Air Force doesn’t want to play more than 8 conference games because of its commitment to play the other service academies. You also get a championship game that generates a lot of money.

This creates a super-conference in the west and it’ll generate a lot of interest and money for everyone.

The nice thing about this is the conference can get rid of The Mountain (the MWC network that no one likes) and go with a contract with ESPN and get the exposure that everyone wants.

What are your thoughts?

Idaho Vandals and the Humanitarian Bowl

This is the best sign for the Idaho Vandal football team in the last 11 years. Yesterday they beat the Bowling Green Falcons 43-42.

They drove 68 yards in three plays to score a touchdown and instead of settling for a field goal went for the win by going for two. And they succeeded.

Since playing in the 1998 Humanitarian Bowl, the Vandals have struggled. But since Robb Akey was hired three years ago, the turn-around began.

Now it is on to the next level and going for a bigger bowl game.

Let’s Go Vandals!

Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Votes a Sham!

I just want to say the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year is a sham! ONE BIG SHAM!
They had voting throughout the fall for coach of the year. This was to be a vote of the fans. But it didn’t turn out that way.

University of Idaho football coach Robb Akey was in fourth place when the initial vote ended. When the finalists were announced, he was no where to be found. NO WHERE!

Coach Akey, in his third year at Idaho, took a team that won three games the previous year to a 7 win season and Idaho’s first bowl appearance since 1998. They will be playing Bowling Green in the Humanitarian Bowl on December 30.

What happened? Who knows.

Liberty Mutual totally ignored the vote of the fans who came to their site, promoted this vote on Twitter and Facebook, and turned their backs on them. This is a total failure of the process.

Liberty Mutual, if you want to dive into the social media world, dive in.  If you want a true social media experience, use the fans votes. Don’t come up with your own plan and use the people like that.

Throw out the BCS, we need a true National Champion, My Plan

We need a true national champion, not the Bowl Championship Series, something that is controlled by six college football leagues; the SEC, Big East, ACC, Big 12, Pac 10, and Big Ten.
We don’t see a clearer cut reason this year than the three undefeated teams that won’t get a chance to play for a National Championship; Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State.

TCU and Boise State are two non-BCS conference schools and they have been stuck playing each other in the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. They big schools were afraid of them and didn’t want them embarrassing their conference schools.

Cincinnati is from the Big East and will be playing in the Sugar Bowl against Florida.

Those three schools should have an equal chance at playing for the National Championship as Texas and Alabama will.

There are excuses, plenty of them, but the main excuse is that there is not enough time and the student athletes would miss too much school. That is an unacceptable excuse for me. Continue reading “Throw out the BCS, we need a true National Champion, My Plan”

The elitist thing: BCS schools want have-nots to have a little less –

The elitist thing: BCS schools want have-nots to have a little less –
This story by Ray Ratto is great. It also is the perfect example why the BCS should go, be investigated for collusion, and why we need a true playoff in Division I college football.

The only reason the BCS exists is to make money for the five BCS conferences. That is not what college football is about.

Vandal Victory Highlights

This has been a great year for the Vandal Football team and it will be a great remaining part of the season. Let’s get out there against the Utah State Aggies next week and then the bowl game. Go Vandals!