Bobby Bowden should be fired

You can see what type of football program that Bobby Bowden is running at Florida State. One that is full of selfish players who only care about themselves and not the team or the game.
First of all, there is the cheating scandal and 36 players not traveling to the Music City Bowl in Nashville. Most of those players not traveling were from the cheating scandal.

Then during the first-half tonight, FSU intercepted a ball and ran it back for a touchdown. But instead of running it in for a touchdown, he decided to flip into the endzone. This is just plain stupid and dangerous.

And it is an automatic 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty. To make matters worse, a Florida State player threw the flag back at the official. Another 15-yard penalty. So instead of kicking-off from the 30-yard line, they kicked off from the 7.5 yard line.

This has been indicative of Florida State Football for quite some time. It has finally caught up with Florida State.

I hope they get killed by Kentucky in the second half and their long-term decline continues.

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