The College Football Rankings and BCS are Screwed up

I just want to say what many people are saying, the BCS system is screwed up. Big time!
Nothing illustrates that more than USC and Oregon. Last week, Oregon blew out, just dominated the University of Southern California. Everyone agreed. But this week USC struggles against Arizona State and Oregon goes and loses to Stanford.

What happens today when the polls come out? USC is now ranked in 9th spot and Oregon is ranked in 13th. Shouldn’t two teams with the same number of loses come down to the head-to-head match-up? Oregon should be ahead of the Trojans.

The BCS is made to determine the top two teams to play for a National Championship. The mid-majors who are not in one of the BCS leagues don’t have a chance for playing in that game. TCU and BSU are those teams this year.

In fact, one of those teams will probably be left out of the who BCS bowls.

It is time that the NCAA take control and develop a playoff system like the other football divisions. You can still have the bowls later, but until we start playing a true playoff system, we won’t have a true national champion.

The schools deserve this, and above all, the fans of college football deserve it.

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