Throw out the BCS, we need a true National Champion, My Plan

We need a true national champion, not the Bowl Championship Series, something that is controlled by six college football leagues; the SEC, Big East, ACC, Big 12, Pac 10, and Big Ten.
We don’t see a clearer cut reason this year than the three undefeated teams that won’t get a chance to play for a National Championship; Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State.

TCU and Boise State are two non-BCS conference schools and they have been stuck playing each other in the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. They big schools were afraid of them and didn’t want them embarrassing their conference schools.

Cincinnati is from the Big East and will be playing in the Sugar Bowl against Florida.

Those three schools should have an equal chance at playing for the National Championship as Texas and Alabama will.

There are excuses, plenty of them, but the main excuse is that there is not enough time and the student athletes would miss too much school. That is an unacceptable excuse for me. Continue reading “Throw out the BCS, we need a true National Champion, My Plan”

The College Football Rankings and BCS are Screwed up

I just want to say what many people are saying, the BCS system is screwed up. Big time!
Nothing illustrates that more than USC and Oregon. Last week, Oregon blew out, just dominated the University of Southern California. Everyone agreed. But this week USC struggles against Arizona State and Oregon goes and loses to Stanford.

What happens today when the polls come out? USC is now ranked in 9th spot and Oregon is ranked in 13th. Shouldn’t two teams with the same number of loses come down to the head-to-head match-up? Oregon should be ahead of the Trojans.

The BCS is made to determine the top two teams to play for a National Championship. The mid-majors who are not in one of the BCS leagues don’t have a chance for playing in that game. TCU and BSU are those teams this year.

In fact, one of those teams will probably be left out of the who BCS bowls.

It is time that the NCAA take control and develop a playoff system like the other football divisions. You can still have the bowls later, but until we start playing a true playoff system, we won’t have a true national champion.

The schools deserve this, and above all, the fans of college football deserve it.

NCAA unfair in hockey National Championships

How unfair is the NCAA Hockey Championships where the host in the midwest regional is the University of Wisconsin and they are playing the University of Denver at the Kohl Center in Madison.
Because home ice means so much, hosts, if they qualify, should never play on their own ice. The advantage is too great.

They don’t have to travel and the fans are in their favor. It creates an advantage that one team should not enjoy in the national championships.