NCAA unfair in hockey National Championships

How unfair is the NCAA Hockey Championships where the host in the midwest regional is the University of Wisconsin and they are playing the University of Denver at the Kohl Center in Madison.
Because home ice means so much, hosts, if they qualify, should never play on their own ice. The advantage is too great.

They don’t have to travel and the fans are in their favor. It creates an advantage that one team should not enjoy in the national championships.

One Reply to “NCAA unfair in hockey National Championships”

  1. Congrats to Wisconsin for taking advantage of the situation, but the NCAA should never have let it happen.
    It was like the NCAA was punishing the University of Denver. It was even surprising that they weren’t seeded number 1. North Dakota seeded #1 in the midwest despite losing to Denver in the conference championships.
    Let’s hope that the Fighting Sioux beat the Badgers tomorrow.


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