Pac-10 Officials blow it again

Well, the Pac-10 officials blew a call and it almost cost the Oregon State Beavers a football game against the Washington Huskies.
Oregon State was marching it down the field and just outside the goal line, Yvenson Marven Barnard was clearly down by contact and lost the football as he was trying to reach out for the goal.

But the officials let the play go on and a Washington safety picked up the ball and returned it to the 40 yard-line. The replay official never stopped the game and since the Beavers were out of time outs, they could not challenge they call.

The Huskies eventually gave the ball on downs at the Beavers 25 yard-line.

The officials had called a good game until this point, but blowing one call is horrible and should not happen. There were three officials looking at the play and needed to step up and make a call. They can’t rely on the replay official.

The Pac-10 officials blew a bunch of calls that cost the University of Oklahoma a game against Oregon. Both the reply and on-field officials blew calls in that game, just like this one. Luckily for the Pac-10 this bad call did not cost a team the game.

These officials need to be disciplined. It will be interesting to see if the Pac-10 takes action or not.

It looks like the Pac-10 officials need a lot more work in managing a game, making the appropriate calls, and learning how to make the right call using reply. The officials should not affect the outcome of a game.

4 Replies to “Pac-10 Officials blow it again”

  1. Well it looks like the Big 12 officials had a bad time of it yesterday also.
    In the Texas Tech – Texas game there were some bad calls that got the Texas Tech coach all fired up. One of the concerns Leach had was that the referee was from Austin, insinuating that the referee was making calls benefiting the home team. One call was overruled by the reply official. But there were some judgement calls that were quite controversial. Read more at: . How the Big 12 allows home referees call a game is beyond me. I am aware of other leagues where if you live in a town of one of the leagues teams, you never, ever call one of those games.
    In the Colorado-Iowa State game, the Buffaloes tried a last second field goal, but the officials were slow placing the ball and called delay of game. How a team could get an offense off the field and the field goal team on the field and the officials couldn’t set the ball and sticks fast enough. Give me a break.
    They then put one second on the clock. As soon as the referee blew the whistle, the ball was snapped and the field goal made. but the offical ruled that they didn’t get the snap off in time. Again, give me a break. It seemed like the officials were scared to make a call against Iowa State because the game was in Ames.
    Read more of the Colorado-Iowa State game here:
    The Big 12, along with the Pac 10, need to review these games, these calls, and punish the officials if they screwed up. They then need to let the world know the result. Too many times the league has let official transgressions go by the wayside. It only hurts the games.


  2. Huh? Did you hear about this from a friend of a friend? The OSU back’s name is Yvenson Bernard, not Marven Barnard. And the “fumble” was in the end zone, caused by the ground, after he broke the plane, after his knee was down. The officials did not call a good game up until that point. I was at the game right behind the Beaver bench and could have called a better game from where I was sitting. The refs almost cost OSU the game and literally ran out of the stadium with a police escort before time officially ran out. There were two phantom pass interference penalties on both teams, punches thrown without penalty, and about 200 other missed calls for 4 hours. These jackasses should never officiate again at any level.


  3. Grant, sorry about the name. It was late at night and I got it wrong. I will fix in the post.
    The officials will still officiate and never will be held accountable. They allowed the game to get out-of-hand.


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