Enleiten works, just not for me

I am a floater. I move around from one web application to another trying to come up with something to help me manage my time.
My latest adventure was Enleiten.

It is a GTD web application that keeps track of your tasks and allows you to prioritize your next steps for all your projects.

For me, I have so much going on I think it is about the process, not the web application. But I need to work that out.

One of the things that have made me upset about Enleiten is that I can’t change the primary email. Once I used it to sign up, it was set. No changes.

Well I had a problem. The email I was using was not going to be around for much longer. Not good.

Also, when I was leaving I couldn’t blast my account. It looks like the information will remain there for ever.

I think this is a good alternative for the GTD users out there, it just didn’t work for me. Plus they have some work to do to give the user more control over their information.

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