Evernote 5.0 Issue

I would like to use apps I get from the Apple App Store, but I wouldn’t recommend using Evernote from that store at this time until they get a bug fixed.
The bug I’m referring to is the Save PDF to Evernote function in the Apple Print Menu dialog is not working. It acts like it is saving the document to Evernote, but nothing gets saved.

The one work around I have found is that you need to remove the version of Evernote you downloaded from the App Store and then download and install Evernote from their website. Then reboot your Mac and it works just fine.

Its kinda frustrating and I hope Evernote fixes it quickly.

One note, I am really liking Evernote 5.0. It is definitely worth it.

Check out the following video.


The iPad is definitely worth it

For Christmas this year our family got an iPad. All I can say is that it’s a perfect addition to what we do around the house.
We are working through the newness of it and the addiction of playing games. But once you finish angry birds what do you do? 😉

I think this can be a great productivity tool and help our family move to less paper around our house. I look forward to playing around with it. I’m sure that my wife is also.

Enleiten works, just not for me

I am a floater. I move around from one web application to another trying to come up with something to help me manage my time.
My latest adventure was Enleiten.

It is a GTD web application that keeps track of your tasks and allows you to prioritize your next steps for all your projects.

For me, I have so much going on I think it is about the process, not the web application. But I need to work that out.

One of the things that have made me upset about Enleiten is that I can’t change the primary email. Once I used it to sign up, it was set. No changes.

Well I had a problem. The email I was using was not going to be around for much longer. Not good.

Also, when I was leaving I couldn’t blast my account. It looks like the information will remain there for ever.

I think this is a good alternative for the GTD users out there, it just didn’t work for me. Plus they have some work to do to give the user more control over their information.

What is up with Vitalist?

I have been a user of Vitalist for quite some time and have found it quite useful. I have tried other systems, including RTM, and have kept coming back.
But, it has not changed in quite some time and a promised update for last winter has not materialized. It is quite frustrating when you are a subscriber and it feels that nothing is happening.

Why do I like Vitalist?
Vitalist does a good job at keeping track of the items that I need to do. It does what it is supposed to do and I can really adjust my to do’s based upon my priorities for the day.

It is also a really good capture program. It is great just to email my to and it is captured in the system. Or even better, I just use Jott and it is there.

What my hope is
My hope is that Vitalist will continue to develop and I am looking forward to their beta being opened up more and I hope that it is deployed pretty soon. If I am a subscriber I am looking for things to develop and keep moving forward.

Vitalist is a good product, I can’t wait for the new version to come out. But I can’t wait that long.